The American Wolf Rescue League was incorporated on November 26, 1994 to protect and save a threatened species. It existed until Bob's death several years ago.  Once roaming most of North America and Eurasia, the wolf is increasingly dependent on humane societies such as the American Wolf Rescue League to provide safe shelter from the threat of encroaching civilization.  PLEASE NOTE NO WOLVES OR CUBS ARE OFFERED FOR SALE.

Most wolves came to Kimbertal Kennels back in 1968 where the A.W.R.L. is located, as orphans whose mothers had been slain by bounty hunters. At one time, there were twelve purebred wolves in residence, ranging in age from 7 months to 4 years. They included black Canadian Tundra wolves, Arctic wolves and Timber wolves.

Bob Sr. (pictured here), who heads up the AWRL, says the organization focuses on pure bred wolves, not hybrids, citing that hybrids - also known as mixed breeds - tend more toward aggression and unstable conduct than does the pure wolf.

"The purebred wolf has a very high-prey drive and a natural aversion to people, unlike dog descendants which have a low-prey and high attraction to people", according to Bob Sr., who adds, "When they're interbred, the offspring have a high-prey drive and no fear of people. That's a dangerous combination".

The wolves at Kimbertal, having been raised by Bob Sr. and his family, look on them as members of their pack and are friendly and affectionate toward them. However, that affection does not extend to any other humans, cautions Bob Sr. Having bonded with their care provider family, the young wolves are no longer candidates to be returned to the wild. "As a matter of fact, that very bonding, which is necessary for their initial growth and development, places them at risk in the wild, so they will live out their lives here", says Bob Sr.

In addition to providing sanctuary for orphaned wolves, Bob Sr. also provides educational programs to many community groups free of charge. He encourages visits by Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H clubs, and school groups as a public service in the conservation of this beautiful animal and also in an effort to raise public awareness about the plight of this species.

Wolf cub 18 days old

Below is Bob Sr. & cub. LEFT: 13 days old - - RIGHT: 18 days old



Wolf Cubs at 2 ½ Months of Age

"Katie"– (a 5 1/2 month old black Timber Wolf)

Says Bob Sr.: "Our family pet comes up to our back porch for her mid-morning breakfast, 3 eggs over light with 4 slices of bacon"

Wolf Cub at One Year of Age