The Parvo Vaccine

Kimbertal Kennels is proud to be associated with the development of the present day Parvovirus vaccine.

In 1985, when the virus broke out, millions of dogs and puppies were dying yearly throughout the world. Kimbertal Kennels worked with Dr. Black of Fort Dodge Laboratories to help develop the KF-11 and Neopar vaccines.

We volunteered our services free, vaccinating and drawing blood on over two thousand (2000) Kimbertal Rottweiler puppies - over 300 litters!; sending it for testing and waiting for results continuously for 2 years.

The Fort Dodge version of the Parvovirus vaccine derived from the Kimbertal bloodlines is the foundation of the original Parvovirus vaccine and responsible for millions of dogs being kept safe today.

Over eight thousand, seven hundred (8700) letters were sent out at Kimbertal's expense to Show Breeders and kennel owners throughout the United States, letting them know that they too could share in our success. Dozens of breeders wrote back thanking us. The following letter still hangs on Kimbertal's wall.

Parvo Letter