Kimbertal Kennels

In 1963, the Yarnalls' purchased a picturesque country estate located on French Creek in Pennsylvania's historic Chester County. It was there that they acquired their first Doberman, a beautiful female pup who matured into a splendid adult, becoming Kimbertal's foundation bitch.

Bred to Ch. Val-Erics's Winsocki, the largest Doberman ever to win a championship in the history of the breed, Kimbertal's Schatzie produced a champion from her first litter. That litter also produced Brunhilde von Kimbertal, who herself became a dam of champions and a prolific breeder, passing along magnificent stature, temperament, and intelligence to her pups. And thus the Kimbertal legend began.

As the Yarnalls' added champion studs to their "menagerie", what started as a hobby became a dedication and lifelong commitment to the pursuit of breeding a superior Doberman, noteworthy for superior size and conformation, stamina, intelligence and stable temperament. The Yarnalls' formally adopted the name "Kimbertal" for their Kennel, "Kimber", derived from the Kimberton area where they lived, and "tal", the German word for "valley", which described the kennel's location.

In 1978, the Yarnalls' expanded their interest to an additional breed which had many of the attributes that attracted them to Dobermans: the Rottweiler. Bob and Neda traveled to Austria and Germany to purchase their first three Rottweilers. Over the next several years, additional stock was imported from Austria, Germany, Sweden, and England. Many of these imports subsequently won their American Championships as well.

All females selected into Kimbertal's breeding program are hand raised in family home environments. These choice females are bred for only two litters before they are retired from the breeding program, after which they go to live permanently with the families who have raised them. This unique Kimbertal approach to breeding allows all puppies to be raised with great love, affection, and individual attention throughout the most critical developmental stages. When the pups reach seven weeks of age, they are then brought into the kennel, where eager new families and potential owners await their delivery.

Kimbertal is located 45 minutes west of Philadelphia and 2-1/2 hours from New York City and Baltimore. We are open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Monday through Saturday. Appointments are not necessary.

We look forward to your visit.