Customer Testimonials

Thu, 15/12/2011
Season's Greetings to all the staff at Kimbertal. My family and I have been part of the "Kimbertal Family" for over fifteen years. I wanted to thank you for breeding such beautiful, well-tempered Dobermans. We have a red female (D65). Her name is Treena. Her father is Iran. She is stunning! When we take her out with us, she is ALWAYS complimented on her beauty...which she absolutely loves! She is such a perfect addition to our family. Treena will be one year old next week. Here are some pictures of her. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year The Lloyd Family Wenonah, NJ
Sun, 20/11/2011
Hello i wanted to share this video with you guys this is Bosley his registerd number with you is WS10118016 he is WIKING DI PERLANERA'S son he is now 7 years old and not missed a beat his hole life.Bosley has been the most playfull happy and healthy dog i have ever seen although he was dignosed with a slight heart murmer over the summer but as you see in this video i just shot he is very much so healthy and i give him a little fish oil and heart vitamines from time to time.We love Bosley and hope to enjoy him for years to come thank you for him he is great!!!!!!!This is the link to see him Hello i thought you might like this video also Bosley's mom is Ruby Misty Two,Bosley is 7 years old now and in very good shape great dog thanks agian.WS10118016.......
Wed, 16/11/2011

Hi Anne, I was waiting to have photos to send you before writing and here they are. We named her Gracie as you said her mother's name is Amazing Grace. I love the name and I love the song. Her first day has gone remarkably well. Her and Willow get along very well. Willow can get a bit rough but with supervision we have been able to control it. She had a bit of a crying night but finally quieted down at 1AM and slept until morning. She is very sweet and I thank you for recommending her to me. She is all you said. You surely do know your Dobies and I will always trust your advice! Willow wants all the toys that she has in her mouth, so she takes them and Gracie goes and gets another toy and on and on it goes. Too funny. She has a great appetite and is not afraid of anything, very calm and sensible!! Anne, I thank so much, you are such a gracious lady and so patient with someone like me!! I appreciate all your help in deciding which pup to buy. You're the best!! I will send more photos as she grows. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!! All for now, Rachel

Tue, 15/11/2011
Hey Guys, Photos are up. We only ran 1 team AND got FIRST place in our division!!!! What a fun weekend with intense racing, winning within 1/100th of a second is stressful. Enjoy the pics and check out Kyle racing Grace (Beagle). I think my 12yr old caught the “flyball bug”. He loved racing, did a fantastic job with Grace and can’t wait till the next tourney in Dec.! ~Kim p.s. Harley ran her best time ever – 4.65 sec.
Sun, 13/11/2011
I am a repeat customer, me and my wife bought two of your dogs, male and female, back in October/ November of 1984. Yes, that's right, 1984. They were the finest dogs anyone could hope to have. They were from a sire you had at the time, "Lucky Nick the Tiger", and from the line of "Gayomon the Country Boy". Both were show quality/ oversize, and the best dogs. We lived in San Diego at the time. They were born on October 10th, and Novermber 11th, male and female respectively, in 1984. I am looking for a similar, large/ show quality male. Please let me know what is coming, with the thought I am looking for an uncropped male. Sincerely, CF
Fri, 11/11/2011
Greetings Again,
I noticed on your web site that my dog Crow's picture is on the page "A Dog's Plea".   What a
great surprise!!  Was just writing to let you know once again that I so appreciate that from you I got the greatest dog in the world.  I love him more than words can say.  Today is his birthday, 11-11-05.  He is six.   His number was D11E.  Just once again wanted to say thanks.  He's perfect and what an honor seeing him pictured on your site. 
Elizabeth & Crow
Fri, 11/11/2011

Ann and all:

Just happy to let you know the results of this little girl for DNA – vwd (clear) and DCM  DNA- (negative).  Am I so far happy with Coco?  Yes and she is a very different Doberman Pinscher puppy.  She is learning very well from my main Doberman Pinscher female Xena and for some odd reason she takes to my 5 yr old male Doberman Pinscher Zues.  Those 2 just play and play until someone oversteps the playfulness. 

Coco is doing great and is currently weighing in at 25.9 lbs since her birth of August 4, 2011 (nearly 14 weeks).   Compared to my 15 week puppy – she is about 6 lbs less.  So she is gaining and growing and getting heavier each week to pick up.   She is coming along as expected and soon the training starts – formally in December.


I am pleased, and so is my husband. ;0)


Pictures are of her with tape off temporarily (they are still a little weak on the tips), and she fell asleep in Ted’s arms. 


I’ll keep you posted as she achieves the goals I am setting pace for her.



Fri, 04/11/2011

Hello Kimbertal, My Jake had his fifth birthday two days ago—he came to me from Kimbertal at age 10 weeks. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful friend of 5 years. When I contacted you, I said I wanted the largest and sweetest red male I could get---and he is that, and so much more. He is a Danken son, is now 30 inches at the shoulder and 110 lbs of muscle. I was raised by a Dobe, have had several over the years, and Jake is outstanding among them. He is very intelligent, very intuitive and super sweet. He loves all people, but is also protective of his “mom”. He was not raised with small children, but is still affectionate with them (I have to control the “Doberman lean” so he doesn’t knock them down). When we got Jake, my husband was in his final two years of living with Parkinson’s disease. Although Jake has always definitely been “my dog”, he was gentle and affectionate with my husband—to the extent of laying his head on “Dad’s” bed and sitting without moving for periods of time during the last week of his life. Jake is with me 24/7 (takes up half of a king-sized bed- as long as that half allows him to be touching me) – works with me when I am outside on my tractor on our acreage- keeps watch over me as I do chores, and “helps” with things like cleaning out the pond (catching fish is more difficult than he will admit). His intelligence has made him highly trainable, buy also gives him ideas of how to get around me when he wants to. His intuitiveness is uncanny- he seems to know what I want or will do at the same time that I do. He is beautiful and sound in mind and body. He is my companion and my best friend. I am looking forward to as many more years with Jake as God will allow me---you can be proud of having bred this wonderful dog (as I know you are of many). Thank you again for this wonderful guy. Beverly H. Damascus, MD

Thu, 03/11/2011

Here are the pictures – Coco with tape off ears (for 24 hours) – standing good. And Coco playing with my dam’s little one Arro. Arro helped Coco adjust nicely when we first brought her home. Arro showed her the ropes around the house and Coco was learning quickly. Dianne

Mon, 31/10/2011

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know our Moose (R16M) turned one this past Sunday! He's quite the character. We are having so much fun with him.  My guess is he probably weighs about 120 pounds. He loves to play catch in the yard with balls and sticks. He also has his own car tire to play with which he wears as his necklace. He's super smart and so affectionate. He loves being with his family. Thank you again for providing us with a great companion! This is our second Kimbertal dog ( first was our red doberman Blitz). Hope all is well and we will send more pictures in the future!
Melissa S.
Stamford, Ct