Customer Testimonials

Mon, 30/04/2012

Thank you so much for being so supportive with Sunny - she's a fabulous girl - with the right directions - she's going to be an outstanding example and gal! Here are the pics that I had taken professionally of her - I'll be bringing prints - but thought I'd send these to you via email. I'm also sending a pic - just for your enjoyment - of the cat that Sunny actually enjoys........go figure. See ya Saturday - we made progress tonight on the sitting instantly issue......:0)

Wed, 25/04/2012

Just wanted to send you a recent pic of the Rotti we bought from you a couple of months ago.. He was born 12-12-11 and his tat is R33K... We named him Tonka and we love him to death!!! He is truly a wonderful addition to our family!!! He is 18 weeks in this picture and he is 55 lbs... Going to be a big boy!!! Have a nice summer!!! Dee

Fri, 20/04/2012

Hi Kimbertal, Well, Logan made it to 1 year old on April 12th, without me killing him! His litter number is 78TT. Don’t know if you remember him or not. I have enclosed a couple of pictures taken on Logan's 1st Birthday. Logan is a gorgeous dog....have had so many compliments on his looks. He is a “big boy”. Stands 31” at the withers and weighs 94 lb. He has such a wonderful and inquisitive personality, it is unreal. He sleeps in bed with us and is basically a huge lapdog. Logan loves people and other dogs. Loves the outdoors and all the snow we had this past winter, in northern WI. Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs. We will keep you updated with pictures etc. Matt & Sue

Sun, 08/04/2012
I wanted to send you a picture of Dexter that was taken a couple of weeks ago. I had originally contacted you at the beginning of February inquiring about one of the other pups in the litter. Turns out he was sold before we were ready to purchase. My husband contacted you about one of the other males in the litter and we ended up with Dexter - D15B. He is doing great and adapting well to his new life. Thanks again, Tracie
Fri, 30/03/2012
Hello, I wanted to take this time to send you a message regarding the wonderful Doberman I had the honor of letting own me. She passed away yesterday at the age of 13 after a bout with a heart condition that she finally succumbed to. She was the first dog I have ever owned from the young pup that she was when I received her from your kennel way back in January of 1999. She was a beautiful dog and I commend your kennel on the quality of companionship she offered every single day she owned me. She made my days whole and was always willing to offer me her head or her belly to rub on my off days. I am not sure there will ever be another dog that could fill the emptiness she has left behind in my heart but she will always be remembered for what a wonderful and loving companion she was to me. I would like to thank you for providing such an amazing breed of dog and for her in particular. She was everything your kennel advertised and more and I could not have been happier with my selection of your kennel for my choice, nor could I have been any happier with her. Please accept my utmost gratitude for providing me with a loving companion that will truly never be forgotten. Thank you, W P
Thu, 29/03/2012

Hi Kimbertal folks, With all the puppies you see, I don't know if you'll remember Max. You and he spent a bunch on quality time in the car going to the vet for those darn ears. Which as you'll barely see, the tips still flip at the top. Max will be two on April 7th, and I thought you and the Kimbertal folks might like to see a 2 year birthday picture. He's just magnificent and oh what a character. He is truly the funniest dog we have ever owned. He has quite a thing for squirrels, and while Dobbies are not supposed to "point" - if Max sees the big squirrel, he goes flying across the yard and points. We've got over an acre so he's got plenty of squirrels to chase and seeing him stretch out and run is a thing of beauty. We've been taking him to obedience classes at a great facility called Tops in Grayslake. He's a star (and character) and loves it. Even the trainers who are usually German Shepherd dudes, just think he's awesome. Hope all is well. Kristin

Tue, 06/03/2012
Hello to the wonderful people at kimbertal (dogs too). Fritz is 6 months old now and about 100 lbs. My God what a magnificent animal! He has to be the most intelligent doberman I have ever owned. Fritz loves everyone especially children. We have a day care center next door and Fritz sits and waits for the kids to come out to play. All the children pet him through the fence and he loves it. Thank you again for breeding such magnificent dog. RC
Fri, 02/03/2012

Hi, thought Frank would like to see how Furio is doing. He is one of Elisir's pups and we got him at 5 months. He will be 8 years old in July and continues to be very spirted. Furio loves his inner circle of family and friends but is one protective dog. He weighs 123 pounds you don't have to tell someone twice when they see him. He spends most days during the week playing with other dogs at darecare and pretty much runs the show. He runs the house too! He is gentile, took one day to house train and has never destroyed anything at home. He is highly intelligent and he understands full sentences. Really more like a child. T& T

Tue, 14/02/2012

Hi Ann and all the rest just an up date Layla is fitting in to the family of horses, dogs, chickens, cats and parrot. She still things it is fun to chase cats till they get tired of it and turn around and chase her. LOL she has learned to mostly go potty outside but she must have been raised to only go on concrete she goes on the concrete drive way instead of the grass and there is 50 acres of grass to go on. I am working on that but better on concrete than the house (she has only messed 3 times) and peed 5 time so that is not bad in my book for a new dog in a strange place. I sent out Valentine Pictures of Cupid DOG so please check out the attached pictures she eats 3 to 4 times daily and she is gaining weight, do you happen to know what she weighed when we left there? she does run a lot of it off on the farm outside with us but you can not see her ribs and her hip is filling out some but she sure does run and play but when we all come in she sleeps like a log at night. and holds it till I let her out in morning Great Dog take care and God Bless

Tue, 31/01/2012
Just to thank you for our Rottweiler that we purchased from you in early 1995. Her tattoo was K 32, as I recall. We named her Chula, which means pretty girl. She is still a pretty girl. She was whelped February 17 and shipped to us for pick-up at SFO on March 17, 1995. She is still alive, but in failing health. She has been a wonderful companion, protector and friend. She has never attacked anyone and was a great babysitter, keeping our infant son, who is only 9 months older than she, on the grass and away from hard surfaces. She also allowed him to ride on her back as he grew older. She has been an incredibly robust creature. Her health has been excellent. In her earlier years, she enjoyed all of the outdoor activities that healthy dogs enjoy. Swimming, long walks, chasing cats, etc. About four years ago, we thought she would not be able to last through the winter, but we switched to a senior diet w/ chondroritin and glucosamine which worked wonders. Obviously. She is still with us. I will send you a couple of pictures in a later email. But for now, on behalf of our family and especially on behalf of our son, who has never known life without Chula, we thank you for a wonderful companion. She obviously comes from good genes.
P.S. We attribute her robust health and long longevity to a combination of genes, diet ( her basic diet has been age appropriate Professional brand dry dog food, the fact that she was the "runt" of the litter, she was spayed around six years old, she never had puppies and she was well integrated with our family.
We are the ----l family. and we wish to thank you for a wonderful companion.