Customer Testimonials

Wed, 25/07/2012

Hi Anne

D89B is now 13 months....31 inches and 102lbs...I keep him on your recommended diet and ....the results are proven.... What a pet (my 3rd from your kennel and they just get better)...The attention he gets when seen by everyone is remarkable...I get compliments EVERY day I walk him .... He said to say hello to his father Imperator Iran.... He's so smart its sick...You want to talk about loyalty/companionship...come see my baby... Kimbertals Pride Of Iran.. I'm a big fan of Altobello and Imerator is can you put it in words...UNREAL.

See you in another 11 years


Wed, 27/06/2012

Thank you so much for the Luca and now her new puppy!!! Luca is a beautiful, well-behaved, smart dog with an amazing temperment. We look forward to many years with her and our new puppy! Thank you, J Kr.

Mon, 25/06/2012

Good Monday Morning Anne and Tiffany; Woof, woof, Ruger here. Remember me? Saturday June the 16th. was my Second Year Birthday. I am one happy Dog. Mom feeds me the best Dog Food and we get lot's and lot's of Compliments where ever we go on my handsome good Looks and kind Nature. Mom always says that 'that's ' due to his fantastic Kimbertal Breeding and my raising him'. Hummm, woof....and I thought it was just me! Thought You might like to see how I enjoy my Creature Comforts here in Michigan. I am enclosing a Picture of me lounging after coming Home from a Play Date with my (Dog) 'Park Pack', as Mom calls it. Hope You like it. Mom sends all her Best and told me to make sure to ask for You to please give my Dad, Iran, some extra long Scratches from her. She loves You All at Kimbertal and only wishes she were younger so she could have more Dobies from You. WOOF, wait a Minute! I like being an only Dog! When she looks at Your Website and sees all the beautiful Dogs, she looks like me when I look at a tasty Treat, Drool coming from her Muszzle. Oops. I think Humans with Humans it's called Mouth and Lips. HUGE Hugs from her and a HUGE and Manly WOOF-WOOF and long Sniffs and many sloppy Kisses from, Ruger P.S. from Mom. The Picture doesn't do Ruger's Coat justice as it truly is Jet Black and extreemly shiny.

Mon, 18/06/2012

Hello, We spoke earlier about my dads Doberman. He was purchased from you guys about 8 years ago. He is a very good dog. Gets along with other dogs. Doesn't really like small children. Wonderful cuddler and companion I just don't have the space that he deserves. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you Lindsay

Wed, 13/06/2012

Here is a photo of Katherine and her baby, my granddaughter. Katherine will be 10 in Sept. Time flies when you're having fun!


Tue, 12/06/2012

Dear Kimbertal,

We just wanted to update you on our pride and joy, Dozer. We picked Dozer up from you on December 2, 2012. He was born on September 23, tattoo R29PP. We had just lost the love of our life, Bruzer in October to cancer. We werent sure if our hearts would ever mend and although the loss of Bruzer will always leave a hole in our hearts, Dozer has filled a void and has begun his own chapter. He is beautiful, extremely loving and full of energy. He is everything we could of asked for and more. Thank you for your professionalism and for breeding such majestic animals. They truly are man's best friend. I have included a picture of our monster lap dog. Thank you,

Chuck and Heather Poconos, PA

Tue, 05/06/2012

Hi Everyone , Please look at Minnie's pictures and put one on face book if you like. Minnie III is one year old--May 2 Pierce Patrick and Duchess--D84S. Please be sure to show Tiffany as she is the one who evaluated her for me--she is everything I cried for plus more. Tiffany stated she was one of the most outgoing pups she had seen in a longtime, in addition I was looking for an exceptionally brilliant pup like my previous one from EOS's--I got it plus more--there is not enough time in the day to tell you how exceptional this pup is:-) Do you have any pictures of the litter? I would love to see a picture of Duchess. I LOVE all the pictures of Pierce Patrick.

Mon, 04/06/2012

Hi Anne, Just wanted to send you a few photos of the 2 puppies we bought from you last fall. Willow (black&Rust)D83I and Grace (Red&Rust)D98G They have been a lot of fun. It was a bit hectic at first with 2 puppies only 3 months apart but your sound advice in how to raise 2 pups paid off. They are turning into not only beautiful dogs but well behaved dogs as well. Talk to you later, Rachel P

Wed, 23/05/2012

Hello Kimbertal! We saw the pictures of everyone’s babies on your web site and wanted everyone to see our sweet Oliver! You were SO instrumental in helping us get the perfect dog to match our lifestyle. We couldn’t be happier with Oliver! His tattoo reads “D57KK” and will be two years old in August of 2012. He’s been our joy since the day we picked him up at Tampa International. He weighs in at 120; has the physique of an athlete and the intelligence of a scholar. I teach Nursing in Tampa Bay and enjoy sharing him in my PowerPoint’s as I teach. His antics are a big help in keeping the attention of my class as well as speaking to large groups. I don’t hesitate to explain where he’s from or how very proud I am of him. Oliver is actually the 3rd Kimbertal Doberman I’ve had the honor of being owned by. I was a mere 17 when I got my first….and have never since, been owned by another breed. He’s such a character….so much so that I had forgotten the joy a Doberman brings to your life. You see, after the death (of old age) of my last best friend, I was devastated for years. I’m SO glad that I found my way back. Oliver loves the water! He goes boating and canoeing with us and really enjoys long walks on the beach. The boy LOVES ice cream cones which he gets every now and then! When we go through the McDonalds drive in, he gets quite the attention at the window! We love him so much and wanted to show you just what a beautiful boy he is at almost 2! Thank you Kimbertal! We are now considering a female! Sincerely, Barry and Janet

Tue, 08/05/2012

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to your kennel for our dog Rio. My wife and I purchased her from you in 2002 and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She was 10 months old when we brought her home and her tattoo was ‘A61’. Her sire was Roger Bear and her dam was Reba. I can remember Frank telling me when we were leaving to take her home that ‘she will be the most loyal dog I will ever have’ – and boy was she ever. She was my best friend for the past decade, and my heart is broken after putting her to sleep last Tuesday, May 1 – 29 days before her 11th birthday. Her gentle spirit will be greatly missed by me and my family and everyone that Rio has come into contact with during her life. I can’t imagine life without my girl. I commend you for the job you do raising and caring for your dogs. My wife and I had a daughter in 2004 and a son in 2007 and we NOT ONCE had one problem with Rio and the kids. She loved them like they were her own. I have enclosed a picture of her ‘all grown up’ – she was truly the best dog I could have ever asked for. Thank you so much. D K

RIO VON KUNKLE (5/30/01-5/01/12)