Customer Testimonials

Sat, 23/02/2013

Klaus was 4 months old yesterday (2/22/13) and weighed in at 46 pounds. I bought him a new bed because he kept trying to sleep in the kitties bed. =)

Mon, 18/02/2013

BTW – here is D95d – Coco. She just may be passing her CGC test by this March. We are finishing up her CGC prep test classes. She and my other dam are doing much better now. I sent her to some formal training for nearly 3 weeks, and have a video clip on her with the trainer on youtube, if you like I can send you the link. She did very good, but needs an extension course to hone in those areas – long sit, stay, distraction, and she is strongly toy motivated rather than food. Coco is doing way so much better since the last time I touch bases with you. She has come out of that teenage stage and is entering the adult stage. She will go sometime during spring for some more formal training to prep for her BH. Others want me to get her into show. They say she is show worthy. I did a trial with AKC event and she got 2 ribbons for best of breed and working dog group in the match up (for beginners wanting to get into AKC show events) last October 2012. It was kind of fun, but a long day to wait for this event. I don’t know if I want to do any AKC show events… may try some… I like Schutzhund better, but we’ll see. Here are some pictures I took last week. We tend to go to Lake Tahoe Forest and hike. She is nearly what 19 months come March 5th, and built strong, and such a love bug.

Mon, 18/02/2013

Thank You for another great Puppy. So far everything is working out just fine. The Big guy in the Photo I bought from you back in 2005 his tattoo is R-17, & named Boo-boo. the little guys name is Tragen, which is German for Bear.

Fri, 21/12/2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Dear Anne, Tiffany and All at Kimbertal Kennels!

Hope everyone who reads this will have a Very Merry Christmas and get's lot's of Presents. Back here in Michigan, I have been a very busy Boy. Mom left me Home alone to protect our Home the other Day while she went out shopping ( I hope Presents for me, woof). I was almost asleep on the Couch when I heard a strange tap-tap on the Front Door. It was nothing like the usual Knocks we hear when Company comes. I sprang up, ran to the Door and gave a few good loud Barks. Again...tap...tap..tap! That's when I really let out my deepest and loudest Barks and Growls while I jumped up on the Door to let whoever was on the other Side know that I meant Business. And then I saw it...a red Light shining in the Site Lite by the Door. and I heard a Voice , 'Ruger, Ruger it's me, Rudolph'. Rudolph? We don't kow any Rudolph,I barked even harder. After all, I have to keep the House safe. The Voice outside became more urgent, 'Ruger, open the Door please, Santa send me to give You a Message'. Santa? Hummm....I opened the Door ever so slightly, knowing that I can take Care of myself and our House, and there he stood....Rudolph. THE Rudolph! Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Rudolph. Wow! I recognized him right away from the Movie Mom and I watched to other Night. I appologized for having sounded so vicious but Rudolph understood and said my being so conscientious and always doing such a good Job is why Santa needs me desperatly. Santa needing me? I aske what I can do to help immediately. Rudolph told me to close the Front Door and to hang on to his Tail. I did as told and all of a sudden we went up into the Air, over the Tree Tops, over the Roof of the House and into the Clouds. I must have become dizzy because all of a sudden we landed at the North Pole. Little People with pointed Ears just like mine came running to greet me. I had never seen such a Sight, People with pointed Ears? Rudolph told me that they are not People but are Elves, very special Beings. And then Rudolph let me up to what looked just like the Gingerbred House Mom bakes around Christmas, only this one was much bigger. As we approached, the Front Door opened and out came Santa. He let out a bit Ho-Ho-Ho, petted me on the Top of my Head and told me how happy he was to see me. He asked me to please follow him to the Toy Shop. And he said something about running out of Time soon. Entering the Shop, they were many more of those little People...sorry... Elves, scurrying around, arrying Boxes and Toys all ove the Place. Santa told me that he desperately needed my Help to package all the Toys up as the Christmas Eve was approaching fast and he was running out of Time and since so many Elves came down with the Reindeer Flu, he just didn't know how he would be able to get Toys to all the children with out my help. He asked if I thought I could handle the Job. Handle the Job? "Santa, Sir", I politlely said, " I am a Kimbertal Doberman! We are up to any Task put before us. You just show me what to do and I will get it done'. And so I picked up teddy bears, Dolls, Toy Trucks, Airplanes, Ball.....and the List goes on. As I was putting one Toy each into one Box each I was wonering, why don't I get to pick up the Doll and teddy Bears at Home with my Teeth like I get to do here? Mom keeps telling me that I have my own Toys and the Doll and Bears are not Toys. Hummm...I stopped for a Moment to give my Head a good Scratch but then resumed my Work and before I knew it all the Toys were in their Boxes. The Eleves had wrapped them and tied pretty Bows on Top. I did volunteer but my big old Paws got in the Way if tying the Bows. So, some Things are better left to tiny Fingers. With all the Toys boxed up, we started putting them in a HUGE red Sack. The sack got so heavy that all the Elves together could not get it int Santa's Sleigh. I came to the Rescue. Sank my Teeth into the end of the Sack and started pulling....and pulling. The Eleves where now pushing and together we got the Sack into the Sleigh were Santa's reindeer were waiting. Just as I was getting good Sniffs of all the reindeer, Santa came and asked me to follow himone more Time. he took me tbackt o theat gingerbread House where, when the Door opened, Mrs. Santa sood. She got the biggest, friendliest Smile on her Face when Santa indroduced us. She told me how happy she was o meet me and gave me what seemed to be the longest Scratch under my Chin. However did she know that that's my favorite Spot to get Scratches? Then she took me into a Room filled with long Tables full fo all Sorts of Candies, Cookies and Candy Canes. The Smells amost made me drool but I watched my Manners. Mrs Cause told me to pick out my favorite, my reward for having been such a great Help. I picked a Gingerbread Cookie and we all left to gether to go outside so Rudolph could take me back Home. I wondered for a Moment if Mom was back and missed me and worried about me. But the Taste of the Cookie soon overpowered any worries I had. Santa Claus thanked me again and told me that he couldn't have gotten all the Work done without me. i was VERY Proud. As I was walking toward Rudolph, Santa called out, Merry Christmas and thak you for an excellent Job, Ruger. Ruger. RUGER! RUGER, Come, we' going to the Dog Park. Come, Ruger! Is that Mom's Voice I hear? How did she get up here? Shaking my head and blinking my eyes I realized I was back on our Couch at Home. I stretches and yawned and ran to get to the Car before Mom would leave without me. She told me to get in the Back where I settled down. On the Way to the Park I wondered...did she know I was gone? Could I have been dreaming? yeah, probalby was all a Dream.....but then what were those few Crumbs of Gingerbread left on my Front Paw? And that's

Wed, 19/12/2012

Hi Anne and everyone from Kimbertal,

Thought you'd like to see a couple of pictures of Logan, taken this morning. He is an unbelievable, first-class sweetheart!! He will be 2yrs old on April 12. Logans tattoo # is D78TT. Wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy Healthy New Year!

M& S

Sun, 11/11/2012

To all:

    I am sending this picture of our two Kimbertal dogs, Brutus (the big guy) and Zulu (the pup). We just lost Brutus on Tuesday at age 11 and wanted you to know how much he meant to us for all these years. He was the most intelligent, sweet and loving dog anyone could ever ask for. He was more human than dog, and he has a huge legacy that our puppy Zulu has to live up to. Thank you. We can only hope that Zulu is half as wonderful as Brutus was!!

The L**** Family

Sat, 06/10/2012

I just wanted to thank you for my Rottweiler. I have had him a little over 2 months and have followed your advice. He is 50 pounds at 4 months and a perfect gentleman. We have started classes and he is the smartest puppy there. If you ever need someone to write about how wonderful my experience has been just ask.  R.P.

Sat, 15/09/2012

Hello Kimbertal and to all the good People there;

Just a short Note from Michigan to let You know how much I am enjoying my Kimbertal Doberman, Ruger. He was 2 Years old in June (how Time flies, huh?) and I, 71 in July. We are the perfect Pair regardless the Age Difference. He keeps me young and in Shape, as he does my Husband. Ruger is a wonderful and loyal Companion that will be a fierce Protector should the Need arrise. We could have not gotten a better Dog. I Thank you with all my Heart for the exceptional Fourlegged Companions You breed for us to treasure. My only Regret is that at my Age, Ruger will sadly most likely be the only Kimbertal Dobie I will ever be able to love and be a responsible Guardian to. But I am not sad, I truly enjoy EVERY Moment with him. And I share that Joy with everyone that meets him. He is the Talk of my little Town and the Dog Park Favorite with his gentle Ways and good Looks. Thank You for the Treasure You have given me.

Forever grateful in my northern Michigan 'Woodhood', - Ruger's Mom

Wed, 29/08/2012

My step dads friend bought a dog from you guys 6 years ago. His name is J*** H***. He and his son bought one boy and one girl. John gave me the boy dog in 2009. I still have him, his name is brutus. All I want to say is ( wow ) I've never seen a doberman big as him. He is one huge dog! if i could read his tattoo I would tell you so I can see his baby pics! =D

Here are some pics of Brutus. I love big dobermans like him. I plan on getting one from you guys in 4-5 years from now. I just graduated high school. Thank you for taking time and reading this. I just wanted to show you how your pup grew up being a very huge DOG! He is very protective over me and listens very well to everything I tell him.  Thanks.

Thu, 26/07/2012

Dear Anne, Bob...

    Wonderful Kimbertal, We are so very sad that our best friend, Samson Parker crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.

     Sammy was the best of our family and we have Kimbertal to thank for it. Samson was our third Kimbertal Rottweiler because there is no better place to go when you want a new best friend that is a Rottweiler! So many happy years were spent with our Sam and we loved him dearly. Life has changed for us forever because of him.

    We have a attached a beautiful photo for you to put in your Customer page because we know that everyone at Kimbertal would love for Samson Parker to appear once again in your Customer Gallery. RIP Samson Parker and thank you Kimbertal for our wonderful Rottweilers. We will never go anywhere else to get one!

Keith, MJ, Linzee, Adam and Taylor