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Wed, 12/02/2014
Fri, 08/11/2013

Hello, I just wanted to update you on my Rottie puppy Sascha (R60X). She is the best thing that ever came into my life, and I love her to death! She is an awesome companion, very smart, and obedient too. She weighs 82 pounds and was born 2/12/13. I have attached some pictures a friend of mine took of Sascha last weekend. When I was in your office, I noticed other owners sent in photos of their Rotties, so it would be nice if you could hang one of Sascha up for everyone to see. She's a beaut!!! Regards, S L

Sat, 24/08/2013

This is "Thor"[Pierce Patrick od Telepa"s son born November 4th 2012] and "Kimbertal"s Valhalla Di Amore"[Donn chagall home IPO"s daughter born may 6th 2013].

They are brother and sister now and have a rescue red dobie named "rocco"[neutered] who is 3, as a older brother.  Thor and Valhalla get along great.

We have issues sometimes with Thor and Rocco- we are trying to correct and feel positive about it. I consulted a trainer and bought a ecollar too!We love our pups and are very pleased.

Fri, 16/08/2013

Hi Anne, Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer. Thought I would send you some photos of our 4 beloved Dobermans that we purchased from Kimbertal in the last couple years. Willow was our first she is now 2, then Grace who is also 2 and Bella who just turned 1 year and finally Jacob who will be 1 in a few days, he is the one with the military cropped ears. I also included a photo of Willow's litter of pups born 7/11/2013 She is a wonderful mother. Everyone is doing well and all have great personalities! We are so happy with our dogs. You guys are the best! I would refer anyone to Kimbertal in a heartbeat!! Thanks for all you do and for all your patience and sound advice. Check out my website when you have time it is     RP

Fri, 26/07/2013



31'' and 111 lbs

Mon, 15/07/2013


Just wanted you to know that our little Doberman puppy named Whimsy has made herself at home and is finding her way into everyones heart. She is VERY smart! She learns quickly. We already love her and she is being pretty much a good girl. We recently lost our Mirado daughter so we are hoping she helps to mend broken hearts.


Sun, 09/06/2013

Best Friends

Sun, 24/03/2013

Dear Kimbertal Kennels, I am writing to you today to say THANKS, It has been 4 ½ years since we purchased our Zonka from you and it has been the best 4 ½ years anyone could ask for. Zonka is a 135 lb love machine that watches the children with one eye and all of the adults with the other eye. If you are sick he will be lying next to you making sure you are ok and if you go for a walk he will be next to you watching everyone making sure we are safe. We love our Zonka more than anything and we thank you again for allowing us to have this wonderful dog in our lives.

Thu, 14/03/2013

We had another lovely warm day in Texas and while MR and I were out playing I grabbed my camera and snapped a few new photos of him. He loves to "go get the ball" so as soon as you step out the door he is busy looking for his red ball and will continue looking for it until he finds where he last left it. So...we spend a lot of time playing ball. Bill and I just love this dog.....and he is getting to be quite a big boy...... altho he is still just a puppy. Have not weighed him in quite some time so need to do that but am guessing he is about 60+ lbs by now. He and I are on our 4th week of obedience school and he is doing very well. Wanted to share these photos with you.


Mon, 04/03/2013

Good Monday Morning Dear Kimbertaliens, Anne and Rowan;

There a new Kid on the Block! I was so happy to get a Call from my Friend, J B, last Evening about them having purchased a Kimbertal Puppy. I had worrie dthat thy might choose a southern Michigan Breeder who was not very nice when I first e-mailed with her about going to You for a Puppy. I am soooo happy for J and T...and of course their Dobie, because they all will live happily ever after. I won't even hold it against them that they didn't get a Iran Offspring. At least they are in the 'Neighborhood' with the Altobello Name in their Pedigree, smile. I am giving the new Puppy a few Weeks to get acclimated with his new Family, Human and Canine, before rushing over there to meet him. Probably be chewing on my Fingernails untill then...NOT! Thank You again for being such a wonderful Place, and great People, who make it so easy for me to reccomend You and help get another little Doberman a forever Home. LOVE YOU ALL and my deepest Respect! Always Your loyal Friend and Admirer, Jutta - Of course my Ruger sends You all looooong slobbery Kisses. He'll be Three this June. Can You believe it?