Customer Testimonials

Mon, 17/04/2006

Dear Robert and Neda Yarnall,

I’m taking a short time to give you an update on the two Doberman Puppies since their arrival at the Honolulu Quarantine Station on 8 Mar 06. The pictures were taken on 5 Apr 06 at the grooming station. The puppies lack about ten day from their fourth month birthday. The male weighed in at 45 lbs and female at 40 lbs. I took their pictures on 5 April 2006 at the quarantine grooming station. I’m just guessing that their weight as of today, April 17, is about 50 and 45 lbs each. The female tends to have natural posing ability while the male is not too keen about the camera. The puppies are doing fine and I’m looking forward to the day of the great escape from the quarantine station. The puppies feel the same way as my wife does. The puppies can’t understand why we leave them at evening and return in the morning each day. Both, my wife and I are counting the days too, which is July 5, 2006. Enclosed are some pictures of the pups which were taken on Apr 5, 06.

Before going any further, My wife and I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful hospitality shown us. We sure enjoyed the short stay at Kimberton and would like to return and see all of you again. Thank You and Aloha!

Best wishes
Lisa and Lincoln

P.S. Our best regards and thanks also goes to Ann, Pat, Susan, Frank and Bernie

Tue, 20/12/2005

Just visited your site for the first time and thought I'd drop you a line. I grew up on a farm with working dogs (German Shepards) which we used with the cattle and the pigs, and I learned to train and work with them from the time I was an infant. I understand dogs and respect them as my father taught me, and consider myself a good trainer. I purchased a female Rottweiler (ROXY) from you in 1979 or 1980. There is no way I can put into words what a fantastic and noble creature she was!!! She was a respected and loved part of our family for 13 years.

I taught her hand signals for heal, stay, sit, lie down, guard, and to the delight of children, play dead, which consisted of pointing my finger at her and saying BANG to which she would fall down and remain until I would say just kiddin, you're ok, and then she would jump up and do her little rottie dance (I don't know what else to call it) hee, hee. I could go on and on as she filled our life with joy. She never let me down, not once. As you can tell, she was much more that just a special dog. Thank you so much for her. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share my life with her. I haven't been able to bring myself to get another dog since we lost her to an accident. We live in my grandpa's homestead farm in Nebraska. I am plagued with deer and coons killing my trees and garden, the wife is wanting us to get another dog, but Roxy is still in my heart, --what can I say?


Thanks Again,

Steve R.

Tue, 26/07/2005

Dear Frank,

It was great seeing you when Emma and I stopped to visit Kimbertal a few weeks ago. I swear, Emma remembered where she was. She was really pulling me towards the kennels as if to go visit her kennel mates.

During that visit, I promised to send you a picture from those I had professionally taken. I'm enclosing one of the pictures that I think really captures Emma's spirit. This picture was taken at just under 11 months. Isn't she outstanding!

I am having a blast with this dog. And I really, really thank you for producing such a fine animal with great companion. I can't imagine what I did without her!

Thank you,

Marilyn H.

Thu, 30/06/2005

Dear Mr. Yarnall,

I cannot begin to tell you how much my husband and I hold you in esteem for your major contribution to the Doberman breed and your pure professionalism in the dog world.

Although Kimbertal Kennel had been producing quality Dobermans from top bloodlines since 1963 I was not aware of your efforts and accomplishments until 1970 when I began to breed Dobermans in earnest. If I could emulate any breeder at that time you were my choice, because you did everything in your breeding program the right way and the well deserved notoriety and success came to a man who deserved it. The notoriety and success of those wonderful years pale to your accomplishments and contribution to the Doberman breed today. Mr.Yarnall you have made it possible for dedicated breeders like myself to have the "best of the best" bloodlines in our breeding programs, you have brought the best of Europe to us and unselfishly shared with us the fruits of your labors. The great significance, magnitude and scope of your breeding program thru your wonderful dogs will have a positive effect on the genetics of our wonderful breed for many years to come.

As I mentioned to you in one of our conversations, "…a real breeder is an artist who creates because of their insatiable creative nature and whose thirst to nurture shows in the demeanor of their creation."

Thank you, Mr. Yarnall, for our four Kimbertal Dobermans who are the essence and epitome of the breed in every way.

Thank you for your unselfish dedication to the Doberman breed.

Thank you for your great contribution to the Doberman breed

Thank you for mentoring and sharing for the future and well being of the Doberman breed.

Thank you for the legacy of the Kimbertal Doberman that will live on well past our time.

Thank you for your example of conducting yourself as a refined and kind gentleman, a true ambassador and shining example of how we all should conduct ourselves in the dog world.

Respectfully and Gratefully

O.S./V.A. Dobermans

I know that everyone who had the honor of knowing Aristo truly misses him, I wish I had taken the opportunity to meet this great and good hearted soul .

Sun, 12/06/2005

Dear Mr. Yarnall,

We just wanted to thank you for everything you ALWAYS do for us. My husband & I drove to you kennels on June 4th & picked up a female black doberman from your stock since you so generously agreed to sell us one!

We named her Jade & she has filled a void in our lives. The drive from Pittsburg was worth every second of our time. We THANK YOU very much!

Dear Kimbertal,
I just wanted to tell you how I was doing. Well, I came home and my Mommy and Daddy introduced me to Max the little pug. Eww! I hate that he thinks he rules the house. I DO!!!! I will be turning two the first week of November. I now weight 95 pounds. Well thanks! Mommy and Daddy say thank you and that they love me.



I purchased the blue & rust doberman off of you a few weeks ago. He is doing great. He is such a sweet guy. He's really growing fast. I wanted to tell you thank you for this great puppy. And say that I was very impressed with your facility , it was so clean & all of the puppies looked great !!! Everyone was very friendly, & I left with so many informational papers you gave me to help me out with my new guy. I took him to vet he got a neg. fecal , & an excellent bill of health .I have owned Dobermans for 20+ yrs & they have all had Kimbertal lines but I've never purchased one from you. I would not hesitate to come back up & get another one. This puppy has a lot to look forward to as I plan on showing him. He starts his beginners' class in Jan 2008. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! WE JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!!

"Barnic Dobermans" B. & N. Valerio
Hilliards Pa.

Hello everyone,

I just thought I would thank you for my wonderful Dobie. He is a son of Wiling #81-A. Since he came to our home he has been a real joy. He is just happy to be alive. We are currently training for Schutzhund and he appears to be a natural. He really turn some heads, some that like him and some that are afraid. Anyway thanks to everyone involved in his journey to us.

The Robertson Family
P.S. Here are a couple photosl.