Customer Testimonials

Mon, 08/01/2007

Hi Kimbertal!

The reason I’m writing is because a friend of mine wants to get a Rottweiler as a wedding gift for her husband to be, and of course I recommended you! Since you were on my mind, I thought I’d drop you a note and let you know just how grateful I am that we made the drive to Kimberton that day 2 and a half years ago! We weren’t sure if we were definitely going to get a puppy that day, but once we were there, we were debating if we should get two! The puppies were just so adorable, I wanted them all! Well after playing with them I picked the one I wanted and I’m so HAPPY with him, his name is Apollo and he sure is a big boy!

My friends refer to him as a horse because he’s just so big! He has brought so much happiness to my life, we love spending time together, we go for walks, rides in the car, play kickball out in the yard, and even cuddle together on the couch. He thinks he’s a lapdog and I don’t know how to tell him he’s not! I recently got a Persian kitten and you should see how gentle Apollo is with him, they play together and sleep together, it’s so adorable! Here are some pictures of him, taken over a year ago on his birthday, he’s much bigger now.

Thanks again!
Devon P

Sun, 07/01/2007

Dear Kimbertal.

I am sending you a picture of a dog we bought from your kennel in February of 2006. Thunder (D69AA) turned 1 year old on December 19, 2006 and although this isn’t a very good picture, you can see that he is turning out to be a very nice looking dog. He is almost 100 lbs, and is still growing quickly. Our vet said he is in very good health and should get to be at least 110 to 120lbs. Thunder is very active and keeps on the run. We are very satisfied customers and probably will be a repeat customer. We have also recommended you to others that have expressed in interest in getting a Doberman. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful and loving pet. He will be loved for the rest of his days.

Jamie and Laura H

Sat, 23/12/2006

Dear Mr. Yarnall,

Thank you for taking the time and expense, the serious concern as a dedicated breeder to share information that you have acquired. In the close-to-thirty years that I have been an exhibitor and breeder, I have never encountered such an altruistic act on behalf of fanciers in general. You are to be commented. I am very impressed.

I have made copies of your letter and sent one to my veterinarian here in Sacramento. He is a very dedicated person with the best "paw-side" manner I have ever encountered. He also has direct contact with breeders who come from as far as Santa Cruz and San Jose (4 hours and 4 hours respectively), and parts of Nevada to consult with him, in addition to treating the major portion of show dogs here in the valley.

Additional copies are also going out to various newsletters in my breed and other clubs, all-breed and single-breed.

Again, thank you for contacting me and sharing your news.

Most sincerely,

Thu, 21/12/2006

Dear Kimbertal,

I wanted to drop you a line and tell you thank you for Zeb (D63A). It has been 2 years since I bought him and he has turned out wonderful. He is smart, loving, and on of the best dogs I have ever had. We will be going into showing in obedience in the spring. We had to put it off for awhile due to another little man in our lives, the grandson. But we are on track now. We still have a little more training to do but we are enjoying it the whole time. Attached is a picture of Zeb and he has grown up into a fine looking boy. I hope you and yours will have a Merry Christmas. Just wanted to say thank you and look for us in the paper, we might surprise you.

Thanks again

Shonnie F.

Tue, 19/12/2006

Dear Kimbertal,

I am sitting looking at my pc screen not knowing how to start. The pain in my heart is so deep; I know it will never stop. As you see we had to say goodbye to my best friend, my savior, last night. His name was Maxx; he was the son of Junior Thunder. He was my first Rottie and the best friend that ever owned me. He was 6mo. old when I spotted him sitting alone in the Rottie barn at Kimbertal. It was love at first sight. He grew to be the best, sweetest being as he did not know he was a DOG. He, from the day we brought him home, would get up in the middle of the night to check on me as he slept on the floor along side of my bed. About two years ago Maxx and I were outside in the yard when the neighbors Pitbull came into our yard.

The pit came at me and Maxx came and placed himself between that dog and me. He did not even try to defend himself as the other dog was coming at him. We both managed to get inside safely. If not for his unselfish act I am not sure of the outcome. His love and devotion for me and our family was unwavering to the end. The tests revealed a tumor in his belly and when the seizures would rack his body and his weight dropped 4 pounds in one week I had to say Goodbye to the BEST Rottweiler EVER. Maxx was 8 and a half years old, but in my heart he will always be that beautiful sweet baby that I got at Kimbertal.

Dee B.

Hanover PA

Mon, 18/12/2006

Dear Kimbertal,

Our new puppy, Khan, is doing very well as you will see in the picture. He is now 4mo and 13 days old. Our last weight was 47 lbs. October 22nd when we picked him up he was 26 lbs He is very active and extremely intelligent .His ears are doing very well he still doesn't like them taped .We are both very happy with him .Every time he is out in public people stop their cars to complement him.

Thank You

James and Kathleen T.

Thu, 07/12/2006

I purchased a female Doberman from you in the early 1980ties and I am sorry I can not remember the exact year. Perhaps 1981 or 82. I registered her as Princess Polly Wally Doodle. (Please don't cringe at that) Polly was with me until 1995 and every day with her was a blessing for me. She was not my dog, she was my best friend and I loved her more than I could ever explain to anyone. Even after 10 years I still grieve for her. She was perfect in every way possible.

When I called you, you asked what I wanted in a dog. I told you I wanted disposition and looks, and drove to Kimbertal the following Saturday. I was incredibly impressed with your wonderful kennel and its cleanliness and organization and the helpfulness and friendliness of every person there.

God surely smiled on me that Saturday for as I walked into your kennel I had no idea how I was ever going to choose from all the adorable Dobe puppies. As I stopped to look at each litter with their little paws up on the half door and their little tongues panting, I couldn't help but notice one litter that had a female who was a bit larger than the rest and who kept pushing her litter mates away so she could be the only one to be viewed. You said that I shouldn't worry about choosing a puppy because it was apparent that a puppy had already chosen me. How true that was.

Polly was due to be shipped to the Virgin Islands as a show dog that same day, but the night before had chewed the stitches out of her tail which had to be redocked, making it too short for the show ring. How lucky it was for me that she did for Polly grew into a magnificent dog; beautiful on the outside and beautiful in her heart. Although I had exceptionally good dogs all my life, Polly was an entirely different experience and I think a great deal of this had to do with your careful breeding program as well as something indescribable in her soul.

Before we left Kimbertal, you placed shredded newspaper on the front seat floor in case the puppy got sick. No worry there. Polly spent the ride home in my arms as she began to make her way into my heart. And there she stayed, and will always remain.

I have written you several thank you letters in an attempt to thank you for my wonderful dog. I will never heal the hole in my heart that she left when she passed away. I do not know of a soul who did not love her, and I comfort myself thinking of her running in green fields in heaven and hope that she will remember me if I get there too.

I want to get another Doberman in the near future and I am writing this letter to thank you and to ask for your help. I would like to get a puppy as close to Polly's bloodlines as possible; but somehow, somewhere I have lost her registration and her pedigree. Her father was Chocolate Kisses who I was told, was one of your favorites. He was a huge and beautiful dog but one that you said was too large for the ring. His disposition was supposed to be superior.

Polly's mother's name was Jade and that's all I can remember.

My question is this: How can I find out the pedigree of her parents? Would the AKC still have Polly's registration? Would they have her pedigree or would you have it? Finally, if I can get the pedigree would it ever be possible to look at the bloodlines and find a puppy you have that would be a strong descendant? I would very much appreciate an answer on this and hope that you can direct me on the best way to obtain this information. Although I now live in North Carolina, I would still only look to Kimbertal for another puppy. I say this because of the wonderful impression your entire organization made and because I feel any puppy fortunate enough to be part of the Kimbertal program has a built in guarantee that it will be superior in every way.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


Linda T.

Fri, 01/12/2006


I purchased 'Warlock' from Jessie Lewis in Denver, Co while I he was training me to become a licensed k-9 trainer. I do not know who the original owner of the dog was but I had him for several great years.... he passed away at the age of 8, I have never had a better dog.

Warlock was trained by Jessie in all forms of police work including narcotics and bomb detection. Warlock was outstanding at every thing he did. He was also affectionate and loyal; safe in any situation. He would defend me at the drop of a hand command, and become as gentle as a baby in mid stride with one word. Jessie would say, "...ya might find one good dobe in a hundred and he's one in a million." After owning 'Matlock' as my mother Nancy called him, I would have to agree.

Thank You,

Travis E.

Sun, 15/10/2006

Hi there,

We purchased a super sized red Dobie form you over 12 years ago. His name is Dahmer Von Rolex Vounderdog, and bless his heart, he is still going strong.

We were curious, especially because of Dahmer's size, what is the record for the oldest living dobie from your kennel?

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful Dahmer is. He is the best dog! He loves kids, his 2 cats and is a gentle giant. He never barks, except when there is a hot air balloon in the air. Our dog is truly loved and babied. Kids still take him on h is 5 house walk (he can't go much further). We actually cover him up and turn the fan on in the bedroom for him to go to sleep at night.

When the time is right we will end up getting another puppy from you. But for now, every day that Dahmer lives on is truly a blessing.


Deb B.

Tue, 10/10/2006

I wanted to add this comment about "Dobe's being the Cadillac of Dogs."sorry, but that is wrong. They are the "Mercedes-Benz" of dogs. I'm looking for another Red Dobe since one of mine died Sept. 21, 2006, very unexpected during surgery. My 10 year old Red Male was the Father and misses being without another "4 legged buddy". The mother died last year. This is the first time in many years that we have had an "only child". Feel free to add this to the website.

Mary A. (Red Dobe mom since 1980)
Also President of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (COS)
Blacklick, Ohio