Customer Testimonials

Wed, 06/02/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

Seven years ago I came and purchased my first Rottie from you, my trainer who has dealt with you told me I would be going to get a second one, I told him he was nuts. 8 months later I came for my second one.

I regret to say that I have now purchased my third Rottie from you, only because I had to put my best friend to sleep, it was the hardest thing to do. No matter how bad he ever was, I could yell at him for 20 minutes, as soon as I called him he came and gave me the biggest, wettest kiss you could imagine no anger or hatred toward me. I loved that dog literally till the end and still do.

The pup we came and got from you on 2/3/08 wasn't to replace him but to fill a void. Brutus can not and will not ever be replaced, but Junior (as I named him) is as close as you can get.

I want to thank you all for the best seven years of my life, except for my two girls being born. Putting Brutus down was harder than my divorce.

Thank you for all that you do and the quality of best friend that you produce. I will be back again.

Bill P.

Thummper and Junior

Fri, 11/01/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

I just wanted to say that we have been over-joyed with our purchase of our red female Doberman Kaya. I couldn’t have asked for a better animal. Her personality is one of a kind (and a lot like us – a bit crazy) and she would do anything for us and anyone in our circle of friends. She very much resembles her father Heron – she is not super tall and she is only 75lbs. It makes her absolutely perfect.

I really enjoy reading the letters that other people have submitted and it’s nice to hear such similarities in all them. I never knew what a wonderful breed this was. I will always have a Doberman in my life!

I hope to be visiting soon I have been trying to talk my other half into getting another one…I could have a whole family of them!

Thank you!

M. and J. Dillon
Alloway, NJ

Thu, 10/01/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

Our family purchased our 2nd Doberman, Khan, from you a little over a year ago and words can not express how satisfied we are with him. He is a magnificent animal. At 14 months old he is already 90 lbs! We get complements about him everywhere we go. He is not only beautiful but also extremely intelligent. He knows when he is going for a walk and still believes himself to be a lap dog. He has also recently taken up running with our daughter Robin and is really enjoying himself. His energy and stamina are just amazing.

Khan is more than just our dog, he completes our family and we thought that would be so hard to find after losing our girl Dobe, Roxy, at such a young age. We can not thank you enough. Below are some updated pictures of him, taken just after Christmas.

James and Kathleen T.
Middletown, NJ

Mon, 19/11/2007

Dear Frank and everyone at Kimbertal,

Kent has mellowed greatly over just the past week &endash;it took a long time! He tends to 'lord' over everyone, people and dogs included, so he is very aptly named! He weighs over 80 pounds, is 29 inches at the shoulder and is almost six feet tall when he stretches to reach the top of the rail. He is a wonderful puppy, thank you, Frank!!! He understands English and Russian, loves walks, people, children, balls, and any kind of food delicacy. One of his favorite meals is the Cesar &endash; Puppy Chicken, and his favorite desert is a natural multigrain dog cookie with a peanut butter soft center, (homemade) although he eats many different foods and treats, apples, carrots, etc. He eats from ceramic bowls on placemats, sometimes eats from a table spoon, or likes us to hold the dish! and does not like anything to fall on the floor.

Every other week at his training class, he is the best dog in the group, on alternate weeks, all the other dogs get extra points for sitting still while Kent does his best to distract them!

He goes to Camp Bow Wow five days a week while we work, 6:30 AM until 6 PM and for this month Sundays from 6 AM &endash; 4 PM.

One day we will bring him to see you.

Love from all,

D. Golden, MD

Fri, 26/10/2007

Dear Kimbertal,

I am officially a lifelong customer. I have grown up with Dobermans all my life, my aunt was a breeder in Indiana and when she stopped breeding doberman I was looking for the best doberman breeder in the US and I found Kimbertal. I adopted Jake from your kennel in January of last year and he is 11 months old and 88lbs. Anyone interested in getting a doberman needs to consider Kimbertal. I can't count the times I have called the kennel for help and the staff is always helpful and really cares for their dogs and clients, not to mention they really are THE BEST Dobermans out there, and I can say that confidently.

Jake is great with kids including babies, listens very well even for a puppy, and his size and stance turns heads everywhere we go. I can't thank you guys enough, I know I made the right decision, I hope others that visit your site do the same. My girl, Tessa, was not from Kimbertal, and when you put the two side by side you can really see the Kimbertal difference. I look forward to working with you guys for years to come!

Thank you so much!

C. N.

Tampa Florida

Fri, 19/10/2007

Dear Kimbertal,

I hope all is well with everyone there. I just want to thank you for Bullet. I can't begin to tell you all the good he has done me. Out of all the dogs I've lived with, seen, or trained, I've never seen this quality in breeding, though I've read of it. I've bred dogs before thinking that I was doing it right, but I'll never breed another, without you alls guidance. I've spoiled him just a tad, but he's healthy, good looking, loyal, loving and smart as a whip. He says to tell all "hello" and that he loves the weather here so far (I'm sure he'll say more after a full year).Thanks again and have a good day.

B. W.

P.S. I feel like I should send more money, but don't wait on it. Ha-ha

Sun, 19/08/2007

Dear Kimbertal,

We purchased a female puppy, D481, out of Lamborghini. She is wonderful. We love her so much. My daughter works with her daily to show her in competitive obedience, she works with her an hour every single day. You would not believe how good this Dobie is doing! She is amazing. So smart. There is such a connection. She will be ready to show for her CD in a few months. We plan to show her through a UDX and maybe on to a AKC OTCh. I have trained a dog to an OTCh before so I know the work it takes but our Dobie from Kimbertal has so much potential.

We prove a great home - a walk in the morning and a long walk in the pm. My daughter works every day training our Dobie. Lyric has been such a wonderful addition to our home. We love her so much. She is so smart-it amazes me. She truly wants to please and learns everything we ask of her.

We hope to bring Lyric back to breed when she is old enough. At 6 months, she is HUGE (55lbs) and absolutely beautiful - great angulation, a lot of bone, stunning. We are members of our local kennel club and everyone is amazed with Lyric. We have referred several people to Kimbertal. She is an absolute ambassador for the breed!


J. M.

Mon, 13/08/2007

Dear Kimbertal Kennels,

We are writing you regarding our Lucy. We had decided that we were going to bring a dog into our lives. With some convincing from my husband, we decided on a doberman and we had the great fortune of obtaining our baby girl from Kimbertal over 8 years ago. Today was Lucy's 8 1/2 year birthday. We lost Lucy last night to sudden death. There are just no words to describe our devastation. Our telephone has been ringing all day as the word spread among our family and friends to express sadness in her passing. You see, Lucy was a big part of not just our lives but of all our family and friends who shared in their love for her. She was the very best we could of ever hoped for. She was ever so loving and sweet. Lucy was diagnosed 5 months ago with serious heart condition. We tried every method of treatment in hopes of sustaining her wonderful life for as long as we could.

Thank you, Kimbertal for bringing this wonderful animal into mine and my husband's lives. Lucy had the temperate of an angel. She was also so gorgeous that just yesterday, on one of our walks a gentleman stopped to admire her beauty. Again, we want to thank all of you at Kimbertal for enriching our lives with Lucy. Should we see through our grief and decide to grace our lives with another dog, we will call you in hopes that this wonderful experience could be duplicated.

Thank you again for bringing us such a joy, which we will miss and will never forget for the rest of our lives.


Dan & Theresa M
Torrance, CA

Sat, 07/07/2007

Good Afternoon Kimbertal,

I'm following up on an e-mail that I previously sent regarding Dahmer Von Rolex, whom we purchased from your kennel.

Dahmer turned 13 years old on July 9th, 2007. Unfortunately, due to old age, we had to put him to sleep that very same day. It was very heartbreaking and the entire family is in mourning.

We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful family member. My sons feel like they have lost a brother. Dahmer was a true "Gentle Giant," and was loved by the entire neighborhood. He loved his family, little children, his two cats and stuffed animals. He lived for his family and to be loved. Dahmer never barked, except when he saw a hot air balloon in the sky. They just didn't belong there! He would go to sleep with my husband and I every night, but not before we covered him up with his favorite blanket.

I can't begin to describe what a beautiful, gentle dog he was. Dahmer was just one of a kind. We miss him dearly, but knowing Dahmer, he's up in heaven having a good time. We were truly blessed.


Deb, Todd, Scott and Trevor Bonner.
Springboro, Ohio

Tue, 19/06/2007

Dear Kimbertal,

Almost 13 years ago, my son purchased a female Doberman puppy from your kennel (8/2/94 from Can. Ch. Captain Kid's Black Hawk and Kimbertal's Dolma). He named her Porsche. He was unable to care for the dog and gave it to my wife and me to take care of when she was about 2 ? years old. We already had an older Doberman named Turbo, also purchased from your kennel (3/24/81 from Ch. Kroysing's Duke Ellington and Kimbertal's Manson DeVille).

The two of them were beautiful dogs. Turbo was a great companion with a gentle and compassionate personality. She died about 10 years ago at the age of 14. Porsche was always a character and quite entertaining. She passed peacefully in her sleep last week just 2 months shy of her 13th birthday. Even though she was hit by a car when she was 6 months old and had a metal plate in her leg, she was always happy, full of energy and ready to go!

Porsche owned our living room area and always slept on our velvet couch. Her favorite game was stealing things (an empty box, a bag of chips, a box of tissues, a bag of clothes, even a 2" wide yellow pages phonebook!) and then arranging and rearranging everything in a straight line. She would lie down and guard her acquired items until someone came over and acknowledged her efforts. She also had a basket full of plush musical toys that she would play for my daughter every morning before she went to work. Her favorites included a skunk that played "Wild Thing", a bear that sang "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" and a monkey that whistled "I love you!" She cared for her plush toys as if they were her own pups. She'd also pester us for a piece of bread every morning which she hid in her toy basket or under the couch pillows. She'd bring it out later in the day and walk around in circles humming until someone tried to take it away from her.

When she wasn't nudging my wife to share her canned peaches or hiding under the covers when it thundered, her favorite past times were watching the neighborhood from her window and going for a ride in the backseat of my car. When she got out of the car, she'd pick up her leash with her mouth and carry it back into the house. She was an incredibly smart dog. You only had to show her something once and it became a habit (sometimes good, other times not so good!).

I can't even begin to tell you the laughter and amusement this extraordinary dog provided to us on a daily basis. Words can't even describe how quiet the house is without our Porsche.

When my wife and I are ready, we will definitely come back to your kennel to purchase our next companion.

Ed & Anita C.

Fredericksburg, VA