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Tue, 31/03/2015

Hello, folks. Just thought I send a picture of Jack at one year of age. He's doing very well and, as you can see, has grown and filled-out beautifully. Enjoy the pics!!! Zena

Sat, 14/02/2015

Dear Miss Anne and Kimbertalians,

a Very Happy Saturday to You all! Woof-woof-woof, Ruger here from Michigan......well, actually from Florida, but I'll explain later. Miss Anne, I hope You did not think that I have forgotten about You and hope You did not; forget me. Life and this last Year have been hectic to say the least. But I, being a Kimbertal Doberman, rose once to the Occasion and showed my People Pack that one can always count on us Dogs. But then they already knew that. For Humans, I think they're pretty smart. My People Dad decided a Change of Scenery was in Order so he got a Place in northern Florida for us to go to during the Winter Month. He says the warmer Weather helps his Breathing and Mom won't have to shovel Snow. I don't know why she says she misses having Snow here. I am for one do not! Remember when I wrote You about getting stuck in the big Snow Pile? Well, that won't happen to me here. And talk about getting my daily Exercise here. I have my very own personal "Dog Park," Two and a Half Acres of fenced in Dog Park. We have a great Neighbor who is back in Indiana most of the Time. He gives me the longest Scratches and pets me all the Time. He says that I am the best looking, and the nicest Doberman he has ever seen. He must not have know about Kimbertal but my Mom clued him in. That nice Man allows me to go and play in his Yard even when he is not there. Our Yard only has Fencing on two Sides now but Dad got the Fence delivered today and with a Helper will fence in the Rest come Monday. AND the Neighbor offered to put a Gate in the Fence between our two Properties so I can use both of our Yards at the same Time. Wow! How lucky can a Dog be? And let me tell You, I do get my Exercise, in the Morning AND in the Afternoon. I like to chase the Gopher Turtles but they are just no Fun at all...they are so slow and hardly move at all.. Don't they know that getting chased and running is good Exercise?. And FYI, just before I left Michigan in November, at my Vet's Check-up, I weight 99.2 Pounds! Yup, I am a big Boy, all Muscle, no Fat. Mom promised to get some good Pictures of me so I can share them with You soon. By the Way, I am going to have my fifth Birthday this coming June. Mom says she can't believe that it's been that long. Seems like yesterday she and Dad picked me up at Your Place. I also overheard that Mom is planning a Birthday Party for me back in Michigan But don't tell her that I know or she'll be sad that her Surprise is spoiled. Being here in Florida sure is Fun for me, my Sister Fe', the Kitty and my tiny Sister, Belle, the Ferret. Mom had said that she was leaving no one behind or in a Kennel, we were ALL going to Florida. And let me tell You what a Trip that was! It was he longest! The Ride from Kimbertal in Pennsylvania was nothing compared to this. I really didn't know what to think and thought we were never going to have a Home again. Thought I would never get to lay or sleep on a Couch or Chair again. But then, after several Stops at Night in strange Rooms they call Motels, we finally arrived here...and I love it! In April we will be headed back to Michigan and then it starts all over in the Fall. But now that I know the Drill I won't worry. Guess You can call me a seasoned Traveler, a Dog of the World as it were. Too much? Well, how about a Dog of many States? After my Mom's Experience with some not so nice People that gave her a lot of Grief and Stress, she now now has a Saying with my Picture hanging on the Wall that I would like to share it with You and everyone that has a Kimbertal Dog. Mom says all Human's need to heed these Words. "I.m suspicious of People who don't like Dogs.... But I totally trust a Dog when it doesn't like a Person." Since the Sun is shining here and there is no Snow what's a Dog to do but play Outdoors. So, I had better get to it. Woof,woof, Mom, Dad, come on let's go! Before I go I better tell You that Mom sends You ENORMOUS Hugs and Love. She wants You to know how grateful she is to Kimbertal and to You, Miss Anne, for enriching her Life with me. I think she loves me, woof! As always, stay Happy, Healthy and Safe. BIG Slobbers and Woof-woofs to You from me, Ruger

Tue, 11/11/2014


My dog Crow is the dog on your page entitled "A Dog's Plea". I just wanted to let you know that today is his ninth birthday! Once again, as I have over the years, I wanted to express what a perfect dog he has been. We've participated in Schutzhund. He excelled in obedience and tracking but blatantly refused protection work. It was very funny. The agitator tried to engage him and he would turn his back and lay down. We all laughed but I really didn't care that he didn't like it. He has stepped up to the challenge at home when he felt there was a need. I have taken him everywhere, even to a funeral and he is always a perfect gentleman. I just wanted to thank you again for this sweet soul.


Sat, 25/10/2014

Hey Kimbertal Kennels!

I wanted to write you and let you know how happy I am with my second dobie I've gotten from you! Nova, almost 2 years old and 90lbs, is the most wonderful dog! Not only is she huge and beautiful, she's the sweetest, most loyal dog! I am again, for the second time, so glad I got my dobie from you. You guys really know what your doing and are always there for me with knowledgable advice. :)

Thank you! Thanks you! 

Thank you! Holly

I would absolutely love to see Novas picture on your website! Pretty pretty please!! :)

Fri, 03/10/2014

Dear Everyone....

he is now 5 mos old...what a great dog and the love of my weighs about 65#... his left ear is still not set....i post them for 6 days then 1-one half day off...tried the breath strips....still not pointing enough, I think....what are your thoughts?....please tell everyone how happy we are together.... thank you... C H

Sewall's Point, FL

Sat, 02/08/2014

I was admiring your new pups tonight online and thought I'd share a picture of our beautiful boy we bought from you 7 yrs ago. We love him more each day!!

Keep up the great work!

Tue, 08/07/2014

Hello, folks!

Finally found a computer to send you a little note about Jack (D51E). He is doing just wonderful!

My vet and his techs think he is so beautiful. I have a vet acupuncturist/nutrition therapist I send my dogs to for consults, and I do believe she wanted to take him home with her! She could not get over how calm he was. She gave me some good suggestions for his diet, so we are off and running toward being the most handsome dog in Texas.

He has not adapted to this horrible Texas heat, and spends a lot of time indoors in the a/c. His housebreaking has been going fine, and he has learned a lot of the house rules already. He learned to go through the doggie door after watching his new big sister, Skeeter, go through just twice. He walks nicely on a leash, and knows sit and down. He learned to bring in the newspaper the first time it was offered, although he and Skeeter sometimes play tug-of-war with it, and I end up with a slightly shredded version of the day's news! He is respectful of the horse, and does not get underfoot. He and Skeeter get along very well, as I was hoping they would. She runs circles around him, but it won't be long before he'll catch up. I weighed him at the house yesterday afternoon, and he weighed in at 38 lbs. Not bad for an almost 16 week old! I'm hoping that his grading as a "standard" was true, cause he's heading for the "big boys" size!!!!!! He has been a wonderful addition to the family. He is so very loving and sweet, smart and goofy! I am very blessed to have him in my life and to have found such a wonderful breeder. I will try to send a picture next time I find a computer to show you what a handsome dude he is. I sent off his AKC papers in the mail yesterday.

Thank you for naming him Kimbertal's Jack of Hearts. He truly fits the name! Will keep in touch.

Thanks for everything. God Bless!

Tue, 01/07/2014

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to drop you a note as today is Vincent Von Kimbertal Benedick-George's 5 year birthday. He's such a good boy, very loyal and our best friend! Thanks again. D & R G.

Fri, 18/04/2014

Marley   It seems like yesterday we were bringing you home, but time has flown by and now I’m alone. You were just a pup and yeah, it was fun, but who knew you’d be loved so much, that I wish we were one. Each year that passed, I’d thank God above, that I had more time with you, to share my love. Every meal I ate, you ate with me and now it’s so lonely your dish is empty. Everywhere I look, I see your face, it’s so unbearable, I want a new place. The hurt in my heart, I’ve never felt before, I wish you were here for just a little more. You were the most perfect friend, you always loved me til the very end. When the day came to let you go, the life I knew was now nothing but sorrow. I hold tight and want to believe, you are free my love, although I grieve. Until we meet again someday, my love for you will never fade away. Marley, my love, my life, my best friend!!! Mommy Denise

Sun, 16/02/2014

Hello Dear Miss Anne and Kimbertalians;

Ruger from Michigan here. Woof...what a Winter we are having! Mom tells me that Spring will come....but maybe not untill August. Just the other Day I thought I'de give my Mini Horse Brother, Monte, a little Workout by chasing him around in his Paddock. I took a big Leap into the high Snowbank to get to him....and I got stuck right where I had landed. I was up all the Way to my Chest. To make Matters worse, I could hear my People Mom laughing because I looked funny trying to get out, as she came and helped to pull me back out of the Mess. I do stay away from those 'Dog-eating' Snowbanks now. Mom had been sick with the Flu so I have been looking after her the best a Dog can. I layed by her Side the whole Time. Dad had to actually coax me to go out to do my Duty. I came right back and layed by her Side again. She kept patting my Head, telling me what a good Dog and Comfort I was to her. Once she got better, she hugged me tighter than usual and told me that my Sire, Iran, had passed away. You must all be VERY sad. Mom told me about a Place called 'The Rainbow Bridge' and that that is where he is now, he is waiting for all of us, his 'Kids', to come and play with him some Day. In the meanwhile all we Kimbertal Doberman Iran Kids will do him VERY proud by carring on his wonderful Temperament, exceptional good Looks and his Loyalty. He lives on in all of us. And my People Mom says in all our Hearts. Many looooong Slobbers from me,

Your faithful Friend, Ruger HUGE Hugs and Love from my Mom