Customer Testimonials

Mon, 19/05/2008

Tiffany and the staff at Kimbertal,

Hey, look, I match my new mom's leather couch! I like it here-I think I fell in a big ole' bowl of pudding. I get lots to eat and I have a dog they call S**** Dog to harass. I run around and around and around my moms quilting table with S**** Dog. I also have a big brown dog-I don't harass her much, but I do play with her and she gives me her dinner if I want it. The neighbors think I am really cute, but if I can't see them I BARK really loud. God knows what they are doing behind that fence.

Oh and I eat roses whenever I get a chance-yum. There is a big daddy dog here and I really like him-he is the best. Mostly I play and play and sleep and sleep and get in trouble for trying to take the big brown dog's bones. If I wait long enough she will give it to me. So just letting you know things are going well. I think I've grown double since I left Kimbertal-but I could just be imagining things. Grrr and bark bark to everyone there-dogs and humans alike.

Your friend,

D13A (Eko Bell)

Fri, 16/05/2008

Hi Tiffany & Frank,

Just wanted to give you an update on Diesel, 95BB, a puppy of Eros. He is the most affectionate dog I have ever had. He loves to play.

He is getting bigger; He weighs about 60-65lbs right now at 5 months old, and still thinks he is 21lbs like when I brought him home.

He is a delight to have as part of our growing family. My mom who is afraid of big dogs loves this one to pieces. I can't believe it.

Hope all is well.

Nicole Valora

Sat, 26/04/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

I just wanted you to see how well my new Kimbertal puppy, Sophie, (d6N) is getting along with my 5yr old Kimbertal male.

Linda G.

Fri, 25/04/2008

Hi Kimbertal,

Rohan has certainly been a joy to have! He is so smart and very sociable. I'm writing to let you know that last night he passed his AKC Canine Good Citizenship at 9 months old! I am so proud of him. He has been a "mama's boy" ever since he first ran and jumped into my arms at the kennels in November. I've enclosed three pictures of him taken last week.

Rohan turns heads every where he goes. I've decided to try my hand at showing him in the confirmation ring before I enter him in agility competitions. He is a 90 plus pound "lap dog." <grin>. Every thing about Rohan is wonderful, from his looks to his temperament. Thank you so much, as he is a true joy to have in my home! I'll keep you posted on his other accomplishments in the future.


Patricia L.

Thu, 24/04/2008

Frank and Tiffany and staff at Kimbertal Kennels,

We just want to say thank you for everything. You made buying Sadie a pleasure, not to mention all the help you gave us when we called with some crazy questions. I tell everyone I meet when walking her about you. You're great.

Thank you,

Melody and Charlie B.

p.s. &endash; We'll be up to visit with a cake soon. Until then, thank you.

Sun, 06/04/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

We are the proud Pack Leaders of Kimbertal's Blaze of Glory. (R9FF) She has brought so much joy to the whole family. Everyone compliments on how beautiful and balanced she is. We take her everywhere we go. She loves people of all kinds. Others are amazed of how stocky she is at only 4 months old. My husband goes to work and says she grows more and more in the 10 hours he's gone.

Our daughter, Brooke was born with Arthrogryposis (in short, she has physical limitations) and life for her has not all been peaches and cream. Brooke has gone through casting of legs and feet, surgeries, and now Kafo bracing on both legs. She is now almost 8. Brooke has always wanted a dog but we kept putting it off. We heard about Kimbertal and how wonderful you and your Rottweilers are. We decided to visit you and see for ourselves. That day, we only came to look and talk to you. However, we immediately fell in love with R9FF. So needless to say she came home with us that day. Brooke has been so happy having Blaze in her life. Blaze has brought Brooke to a new level of happiness we had yet seen. They are so happy together and basically inseparable. Brooke really enjoys teaching Blaze tricks and rubbing her tummy. Blaze enjoys it just as well. Blaze loves taking walks but Brooke and Blaze agree to leave that to Mom and Dad for now.

I could go on and on about how wonderful Kimbertal's Blaze of Glory is and about how much of a blessing she has been to our family but I will end this letter in saying THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to have the dog of our dreams. We show great gratitude and appreciation. I have attached photos of Blaze of Glory.

We will see you soon.

Thanks Again.


Mike, Tara, and Brooke

Reading, PA

Mon, 24/03/2008

Dear Frank at Kimbertal,

I just wanted to thank you for the time you and your wife spent with my family the weekend before last. I was the one with the two daughters (my youngest is Chinese if that rings a bell). As I mentioned to you my 6 year old has a rare seizure disorder. This Saturday afternoon my wife and I were upstairs gathering laundry and my youngest called up to us saying that Elizabeth was having a seizure. My wife made it there before I did and there was our Doberman puppy "Chester" right by her side watching her the whole time.

They have been nearly inseparable ever since we brought him home. My wife and I can not put into words how happy we are with him. It was you who saw things in him as opposed to another pup that you felt would be a better match with our family and I can not thank you enough for your sound advice. It is reasons like this that I am a second generation customer. When the sad day comes when "Lucy" (our female who we felt compelled to rescue from a horrible home) leaves us we will be back.

F. M.

Wed, 19/03/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

We purchased our doberman male, Angelo, last year. He just turned 13 months old. He weighs about 116 lbs and 29 inches tall. He was son of Lamborghini, and born Feb. 10 2007. He's been a blessing to our family. He is very intelligent and playful. And boy he has the temper of a baby. We trust him around strangers and kids. Thank you. Please let me know if you received this photo.



Thu, 13/03/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

Hello again. I bought 84F this Nov. Reign is HUGE now he turned 6 moths on the 4th and weighed 70 on that day! He is gorgeous!!!! I take him everywhere with me. He loves to go jogging now that it is warmer. I need to get him a new harness to pull the kids though, he has grown too large for the large on I already bought him!


M. West

Sun, 09/03/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

Greetings from New York! I am the proud owner/friend of a male Kimbertal Doberman (36i) sired by Elisir Dax Di Altobello. I want to write to you to tell you how happy we are with Tobi. He is now almost 15 months old and a great addition to the family. He is a well trained, smart, loyal and, in the best way, an incredibly quirky dog. My kids love to share endearing “Tobi stories” with anyone who will listen; from his foray with thoroughbreds to his fascination with their giant teddy bear. All the great qualities that are awarded to the Doberman are right there for us to admire in Tobi. He is extremely lovable and gently with my kids.

He’s up for anything at any time. Tobi is eager to please, beautiful to look at and a blast to take to the part or walk in the woods. One word that is often used by strangers to describe him is regal. Regal is the right word. We looked long and hard before we decided on Kimbertal and we’re glad that we did. You were always willing to answer any questions that I had (I had a lot in the beginning) and were patient while I pondered which puppy I would take. If I had the space I would come back tomorrow and get another. Thank you for all you’ve done and thanks for Tobi.

The Kelly Family