Customer Testimonials

Mon, 29/09/2008

Hello Kimbertal,

Thought you all might be interested in the Longevity Certificate that I just received from the DPCA for my 12 year old fawn dobie BJ. BJ is doing great, I can still remember the day I picked him up, Bob SR. was there and was wonderful and insightful. Just this past February we picked up another pup from you, this time a lovely Blue that we named Mr. Spock. Spock is fabulous at almost 10 months, 29 inches and close to 100 lbs. We love Spock and are grateful to the entire Kimbertal staff for all the support they gave us getting his ears to stand! Frank, Tiff and Ann were priceless!!

Thanks again to all,

Cathe, BJ and Mr. Spock

Fri, 26/09/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

Today September 26, 2008, we had to say goodbye to my baby Kilo Njai Levenson, he was 11 years old. He was the best dog, a great and loyal friend, We are really going to miss the hell out of him. We found about on Tuesday September 16 that he had chronic renal failure.

My Name is Binta Levenson, I got my baby from Kimbertal kennels 10/24/07 in Madison, Wis His litter #WP803439/06. His sire was Road Warrior WP 291254/01 And Dam was Sassy-Cinnamon WP569068/02. He was really a good dog. I, my husband & 6 yr. old daughter are really going to miss him, but we were also blessed to have Kilo in our lives this long. Since Kimbertal gave me such a great dog, I just wanted to say Thank you.

Please pray for us as we try to move on without him.


Sun, 21/09/2008

Good Morning Kimbertal!

I purchased Kimbertal's Zarek Rohan in November of 2007. I am pleased to tell you that he continues to excel at everything. He is a WONDERFUL dog. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, this is a male with tons of common sense! I recently purchased a Standard Manchester Terrier (male) and Rohan seems to just know that he is very young and small. Rohan is so gentle when playing with the puppy! When the time comes I will definitely be back to purchase another Kimbertal puppy!!!

I recently had Rohan DNA tested through VetGen for Type I von Willebrands Disease and am happy to let you know that he is CLEAR! Prior to paying for this test I had my vet talk to them to inquire about how the test is done. As you know the blood test is unreliable because the vW protein levels change throughout the dogs' lifetime. Since this test is done on a DNA level it is good for the lifetime of the dog.

Because of my recent research into this disease, I was wondering; do you test your breeding stock for von Willebrands?

Thank you in advance for your time in answering me.


Patricia L.

Tue, 09/09/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

HELLO; please let me start with Rich & I have had the pleasure to own 3 of your doberman dogs {2 reds, we took both brothers at once} AMULET SEVERNRUN CZAR VALI_T ' KIMBERTALS LADY WRANGLER both litter mates 1992. And a female blue, in 2001, JESSE JAMEZ RODGERS _O_KASHI RAVENS MS JENNY LYNNE. We have been so happy with all 3 dogs & very soon will see you for another. We had a terrible experience with a dobie we adopted from the SPCA, a 14mo old [in Aug.}, we had him 9 days. He was great up till he viciously attacked me & rich. He did bodily harm to rich, myself not as bad. NO RHYME OR REASON NO PROVACATION just attacked. We were very sad, had to put him down 3 days prior we lost RITA {the blue 7yrs old for health reasons} we lost 2 dogs in 2 weeks VERY VERY HARD. I'm writing to you to tell you KIMBERTAL KENNELS IS THE MOST REPUTABLE HONEST BREEDERS WHO TRULY CARE FOR ANIMALS. And we will see you soon for another DOBIE. Those who read this email DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE FOR DOBIES BUT KIMBERTAL KENNELS.

Thank You,


Sat, 30/08/2008

Hello Kimbertal!

Zeus Barron Von Kimbertal here dropping in to let you all know I am adjusting so well in my new home. My Mommy and Daddy buy me lots of toys and take me for loooong walks. I love to chase rabbits and I only chew up Mommy's expensive shoes. But I am starting to stop because I hate when she gets mad at me. I sleep in their bed every night and lick Daddy's face when I need to go out in the morning. I learned the rules quickly and Daddy taught me to go outside within my FIRST week of being here. I only had 1 accident since then and it was because my tummy hurt from new food I was given. I love to lie in the sun and I can carry sticks in my mouth twice my size. I hear mommy say to daddy all the time how big and strong I am getting.

I think I grew double since I left!!!! People stop my parents all the time and ask where they purchased such an amazing looking Doberman; they especially compliment my shiny coat, and temperament. It really makes my parents proud! I do miss my littermates but I made friends with Dooley my neighbors black lab. He is bigger than me for now but he had better watch out because soon I will be outrunning him. I like to swim too; I go to the creek every Sunday and chase fish and frogs. I love to sleep in the sun and play catch. Well, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am, and I think that I make my owners really happy too...well actually I know I make them happy.

Woof Woof My mom told me to tell you we will be visiting soon and just maybe adding another member to our family....bye!

Mon, 11/08/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

I tried writing this letter some time ago, but I simply could not get through the letter without getting emotional. My name is Alicia and I was a very very proud owner of one extraordinary Rottweiler from Kimbertal. His name was Chief (formerly Apollo) and he was given to me by my cousin who unfortunately, due to a marriage separation at 9 months old, could not care for him. Chief was whelped on December 6th 1998 and passed away on July 12th 2007. It’s been over a year since his passing and still, I get that horrible know in my throat followed by a few tears at just the mere thought of him. But I won’t get into that. My purpose in writing is really just to express my gratitude to you for the gift of “Chief” in my life. He was by far the greatest joy in our lives. He was an awesome force that has yet to be matched by any other dog that crosses my path. From family to friends, from service people to complete strangers, everyone loved Chief.

He was the smartest, friendliest, most handsome, and most lovable being I’ve ever had in my life. I got him at 9 months old completely untrained. Training him was the easiest thing I’ve every done. I have a Cane Corso now and although we all adore him, I have to constantly remind myself he’s no Chief, not even close. So basically I guess what I’m trying to say is, Thank you. Thank you thank you and thank you! I hope that Kimbertal always remains successful in business and in offering the superior quality of dogs like the one you’ve blessed upon me. I will be in touch very soon for another Rottie Pup when, of course, the timing is right for us.

God Bless You All,
Alicia B.

Wed, 30/07/2008

Dear Kimbertal,

We picked up our “Luca” in Minneapolis on June 20, 2008. He is now 15 weeks old and weighs 35.5 lbs., and stands 21 in. at the shoulder. He is one of the smartest little dogs that we have seen, and has little or no fear of anything. Luca gets along great with our 5 yr. old Dobe, Amber. Luca is learning his basic obedience and is doing wonderful so far. Luca is the first dog that we have gotten from you, and we are soooo pleased with him, we would not hesitate to get another when the time comes. We will continue to send pics as he grows.

Thank you again,
Matt & Sue S.

Thu, 17/07/2008

Hi Kimbertal,

Just thought I would give you all an update. I turn 5 months old tomorrow! Oh, and I weight 65 pounds. Life is good, the food is great and my buds here just treat me like a king. I start school in a week which sounds pretty nice. I still have my cowlick which my parents really like.

They seem to have plans for me, but we’ll see. I like the couch and my walks in the park everyday so I trust their “plans” won’t get in the way of MY plans. My Rat Terrier is the best toy around. I started out small than her but now I can bounce her around the house and she keeps coming back for more. The other Dobe in the house is nice but she is pretty serious at times. I have to mind my manners around her. She has 25 pounds and 7 years on me!!

Well, I trust all my litter mates are doing well. They could only hop to be as lucky as me out here in California. The back door is open all the time. I sleep on the bed. I have a couch big enough for three dogs and two (large) people so I just can’t ask for more.

Best to all of you out there!!

Eko Royal Bell Arnold (D13A)

Sat, 31/05/2008

Hi Kimbertal,

I just thought you should know Bobbi Magee is healthy and doing fine, we love him, he has such a personality its unbelievable. At his last vet visit at 16 weeks old he weighed in at 45 punds, he be huge. We came to Kimbertal 2 years after the loss of our German Sheppard (Brock) passed away, just to take a look at what you had to offer, well we are now the proud owner of Mrl Bobbi Magee and we can not Thank You enough. We would of never thought another dog could compare to our Brock, well we were wrong. Bobbi is loving, playful, smart, and he fills the house with laughter again. We would like to thank you for such a wonderful & beautiful dog.

Thank You
Michael & Mary O.

Mon, 19/05/2008

Hi Kimbertal,

I just wanted to let you know that I entered Rohan in the UKC show in Perry Georgia this weekend. He did really well and I am so proud of him!

Here's what he won:

3 Best of Winners with competition

3 Best Male

2 First Places

1 Best of Breed with competition

And he won 2nd place in the Guardian Group (against seasoned show dogs, one of which was in heat! - he behaved very well)

Rohan accumulated 95 points in 3 shows! In UKC you need 100 points and 3 wins with competition (Rohan has 4) to become a Champion. Even if your dog is the only one in the ring the judge doesn't have to award them anything. The only losses he had were when he was in the ring with a 3 and a half year old Grand Champion! Our loss during the third show happened right after he broke out into a lope! But considering how young and inexperienced he is he did extremely well. And every one there LOVED him. He never met a stranger. Rohan has an absolutely wonderful temperament .

I can't thank you enough for my boy. He is absolutely wonderful! There just aren't any words adequate to describe how I feel about him. Rohan is a very important part of my family and the 4 girls (all Dobermans) love him too. He is terrific with young puppies and children as well. I was very impressed yesterday when a woman came up to us in a wheelchair. Rohan didn't react at all even though he's never seen a wheelchair before! However, he did stick his nose in her purse looking for a treat or two <GRIN>

I plan on taking him back in September along with two of my other Dobies... I hope he continues to do well......

Thanks again,

Patricia Lawrence