Customer Testimonials

Thu, 19/03/2009

Hi Tiffany and the rest of the staff at Kimbertal,

Thought you might like an update on Mojo (D36N11). He’s been with us now for 6 months and he is doing great! We love him so much. He is a super intelligent dog and he picks up training in a snap. It usually takes me about 15 minutes of repetition for him to learn a new command (NO KIDDING!!) Speaking was his biggest challenge. It took us an hour to get it down pat. He has a very powerful voice now. Anyway, I thought I would send you a couple of pictures so, they are attached. For some reason they would not insert into the email. The pictures are of Mojo at 7 months and 74 lbs! He’s now 9 months and 85 lbs. Coming along nicely I think. Well, have a nice day and enjoy the emerging spring weather!!


Sat, 28/02/2009

Dear Bob, Anne, Frank, and Tiffany,

We noticed that Lady’s puppies are not on the internet anymore. Are they all sold? How about our little pet quality female, were you able to find her a good home?
You all have been sooooo nice to us. Our Lady is such a BEAUTIFUL dog. Her intelligence and personality is superb. We took her to the beach and she loved it. She especially likes to chase the birds on the edge of the ocean waves. People comment on her looks always.
Thank You for giving us Lady,

You are all in my prayers,

The Heveners

Tue, 24/02/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

I wanted you to know what a great Pup Sarge is. He is smart, healthy, energetic and so so loving. He was from the 9-29-08 litter by Yug. Ch Elisir Di Altobello and I picked him up on 12-28. There’s a quick picture of him. At 21 weeks his ears are standing! Thanks for a great dog, which looks like a Doberman is supposed to look.

Eddie D’Amato

Sat, 21/02/2009

Hi Kimbertal,

This is Zeus now. He was born on 6/7/07, he is 20 months old.

Ed A.

Mon, 16/02/2009

Dear Kimbertal,
Here are just a few pictures to show the growth of “Luke”. I purchased this puppy on December 15, 2008. He is a son of Cezar Robi Rott, Tattooed R31c, whelped I believe September 9, 2008. He presently weighs 75 lbs and is an exceptional young Rottweiler.

His disposition around my 2 yr. old son, even when he is stood (the last pic.) on or just used as a pillow is exceptional. He socializes with the Golden and the other male Rottweiler, age 7. He is an example of the qualities that makes your program special. Keep doing what you have been doing. It works!.
Jack M.

Mon, 09/02/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased my awesome puppy from you 3 years ago from an Elisir litter and what an unbelievable dog he turned out to be! At one and a half years old he finished his obedience classes and listens on the dime. He is now going through protection classes which I am including some pictures for you to see. He weighs in at 110 pounds at 3 yrs old. I had a German shepherd and he wasn’t half as smart as my Dobie. I just wanted to thank the staff and Frank for all the help.


p.s. – I’ll be back for one more soon.

Mon, 26/01/2009

Hello again Kimbertal,
Here is an updated picture of the two, talk about a “Kodak moment!” Both dogs are wonderful. Anannah is just over 6 months now and she weighs in at 73 lbs, however after looking at this picture I have to wonder if it is muscle or fat (she looks a little hefty) (=
Reign is a delight as always he is 16 months and is 92 lbs. They get along surprisingly well, however they do sometimes argue over whose bone it is. They both LOVE to run. I take them for a 3 mile run in the a.m. and a 2 mile jog at night with the 4 wheeler, they just run right along side of it. It truly is a sight to see.
Anannah still has not gone into heat, thankfully I do not look forward to that. Previous (her sister next door) went into heat for the first time about 2 weeks ago and of coarse of all places to do it she was in my new truck. Yikes! Well now that I have written you a book, I hope all is well with you guys and the dogs. I will keep you posted as they grow and hopefully have litters of their own (=

Melissa West, Kimbertals Reign Di Altobello and Kimbertal Anannah Yakone freezing up at the North Pole

Mon, 26/01/2009

Dear Kimbertal,
Just another picture I found. The kids were playing their V-smile and Anannah just walked over from her bed and plopped herself down on top of their legs. She stayed there the whole time they played. She really is a well mannered dog and wonderful with children of all ages, as are all the Kimbertals, but I think that a picture speaks a 1000 words as this one does.


Fri, 16/01/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

It has been over ten years since I lost the wonderful Doberman I purchased from you in the early 1980ties. I have thought of you often throughout the years, and recommended countless people to your kennel.

There were so many things about your operation that impressed me. In fact I firmly believe that the quality of your dogs reflects, in good part, the quality of your entire kennel and its staff.

The first thing that impressed me was the time you spent on the phone when I initially called to inquire about your puppies. Your first questions centered around what I was looking for in a Doberman and then led to the type of family situation and facilities the dog would be coming into i.e. family members, amount of space to run etc.

I imagine my goals in finding a puppy were those you hear everyday: Good disposition, and good looks.

I made an appointment for the next Saturday and when I arrived, someone was there waiting to greet me by name. Considering you were crowded when I arrived, that was impressive in itself.

I was taken to the barn where each Doberman litter was confined to a spanking clean, spotless, and spacious stall. The entire set up was absolutely immaculate without a hint of odor. I was not allowed to touch the puppies, which again impressed me. I spent half an hour wandering up and down the aisle, asking many questions, and having each one fully answered. It was not long before I noticed that I was the one being selected by an oversized female who continuously pushed her littermates aside so she would be the only one with paws hanging over the divider.

It was too much to resist.

I learned that this puppy had been due to be shipped to the Virgin Islands as a show dog that very day, but during the night had chewed the stitches out of her tail. The tail needed redocking which made it too short for the show ring and only hours before my arrival the decision had been made to sell her at a greatly reduced price.....a price just right for my pocketbook.

Once the decision had been made and the puppy taken from the litter, I was allowed to hold her. From that very first minute, until the minute she passed away; that puppy filled my life. My relationship with Kimbertal did not end when my car pulled out of your drive. You were there to answer every question I had immediately, and to restate your guarantee should I feel dissatisfied at any time. Dissatisfaction was totally out of the question.

I named my puppy "Polly" and she was the light of my life. Easily trained, obedient, devoted, and loyal to a degree I have never seen in a dog before or since. She was my best friend through good and bad, thick or thin. Without exaggeration I can state that she literally saved my life on two occasions.

At 14 years of age, and after many X-rays and failing health it was decided that the kindest thing was to put her to sleep. I decided to do this at a friend's house where she could be buried next to their beloved Doberman and my vet agreed to come there as a favor. After a big dish of ice cream she fell asleep with her head in my lap and she peacefully went to Heaven.

I could not begin to thank Kimbertal enough for this puppy, for the wonderful start in life you gave her, for the care you took in defining my needs, and for the back up help after I bought her. There will always be a giant hole in my heart where Polly was, and I will always feel great sadness when I think of her; but I am grateful I had the wonderful 14 years I had with her, and grateful that I had the experience of owning, loving, and being loved in return by a Doberman.

I now live in North Carolina and in a situation that does not allow a dog over 30 pounds. I have a puppy that I rescued who is turning out to be a lovely animal and I sense sometimes that I am not the only one training her and that she has a mentor in the sky above who is lending a hand.

It has been many years since I have been to Kimbertal, but every once in awhile I have wanted to write and again thank you for the huge part you played in those wonderful 14 years. I have never forgotten. Sould I ever be in a situation where I can again have a Doberman, be assured that Kimbertal will be the only place I will look.


Linda P.

Tue, 13/01/2009

Hello from Miami –
Just wanted to let you know VooDoo (D14-B, whelped Feb 25, 2008) is one awesome dog. He is smart, gentle, protective and WOW is he gorgeous. I included a couple of photos so you could be proud. I couldn’t be happier with him.

Warmest Regards-
Tracy M. B. MD