Customer Testimonials

Sat, 26/09/2009

Hi Kimbertal,

Just wanted to give you an update! We are in love with our third Kimbertal dog Samson! He turned 3 years old in June and has taken our hearts just like the other two did! I am sending you an updated photo, which was taken in December because it’s kin of an awesome picture and shows how regal our “Sammy” is. We cannot thank you enough for providing such a wonderful service to us for all these years!

The Parker Family
(Keith, MJ and Kids)

Mon, 21/09/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

There are days when I'd come home feeling blue,

but when you meet me at the door, I smile at you,

jump and hug me, finally daddy's home!

Nibble my ears, and won't leave me alone.

Make us so happy, you're a good boy!

So happy I have you, never dull in the house,

watching TV, right next to me, lying on the couch,

Seldom get mad at you, some naughty things you so,

yet there's no way we could be without you.

Thank you so much for Snoopy, aka Blitz Von Kimbertal II. He's such a good dog. He's so much more than I expected. There are kids in the house and he gets along with everyone so well. So smart, never seen any dog like him ever. I've seen Dobermans on the street before, but nobody's can compare with Snoopy, he walks as though he's king of the neighborhood. He's been getting so many compliments. His guarding capabilities are out of this world, and it came out naturally. A simple "Who's that?" and he'll run to every window and room very alert. He's always so happy, and so are we. He has made our house a very happy home, and we thank you again.

The Mahendran family

Ontario Canada

Wed, 16/09/2009

Hello Kimbertal!

Just wanted to give you guys another update on Delgado (D670). He is now 8 months old and weighs around 70lbs. He is such a BIG Baby! The whole family does not think of him as a pet but as a big goofy brother. I’m sure my neighbors think I am crazy, because I talk to him like he is a person. He has got to be the SMARTEST dog I have ever had! I will ask him something and he will bark back at me as though he is trying to answer. He shares his own queen size bed with a Chihuahua (teto) and Pomeranian (mystic).
I am very pleased and will be back for another one soon.


Sun, 06/09/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

I heard that Eros had passed on. That was a great loss, when I look at the male we purchased out of him. I am so pleased with his son, we named Nike. We thank Nike looks a lot like his sire, Eros. At the same time we purchased Nike, we also purchased a female out of Dankan Dax “Altobello”, we Named Nikita. Both dogs are large and beautiful.

When they were two years old Nikita had ten large beautiful puppies (all the same size) out of Nike. I can not thank you enough for these two dogs. We are pleased with them. I am sending you two pictures of each dog. We always take our pictures in a natural pose, so not as professional as your pictures.
You may have forgotten but we also purchased Kimbertal’s Noonshine Navajo out of Perlanera, and had trouble using him to breed. We can use him by catchin his semen, and then using A1 or: the female, he just can’t hook, so I have a friend that is keeping Navajo. If I ever want to use him I can.
I have lots more pictures on my web site at http://www.IndianaNoonShine.Com . Our web site has Boxers and Weimaraners, but we do not breed anything but a very few Doberman. My husband and I are both 78, so the hard work is getting to us. When we have a litter of puppies like we had out of Nike and Nikita we are so very proud, we do have strict management, but the breeding was yours!!!!
Thanks again for two large beautiful Doberman. When people came to purchase the puppies, they said that Nike and Nikita were even more beautiful than their pictures. Every person that came to look took one!!

Jean M
Fairland, IN

Tue, 01/09/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

I got Lola from you guys last Feb 19, 2009. She was whelped last Dec 18, 2008, with a tattoo ID of R55EE (2nd no. barely recognizable). She is 8 months old now, weights 98.7 lbs & standing 28 inches. She’s so beautiful & always gets admiration. How I wish I could thank you personally for this wonderful dog. Will surely get another one, perhaps two in the near future! Thank you & more blessings to the Kimbertal kennel & its staff!

Kim E.

Wed, 05/08/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

Pharaoh is out of the 9/17/06 litter of Elisir. All I can say is what a great dog. Sweet temperament, hard worker, and loves his family to death. Got CGC with not problem, advanced obedience trained, and now training in PSA

Thanks again for such a beautiful Doberman

Wed, 22/07/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

Here is a picture of my beautiful Anannah Yakone 1 year old. She is 82lbs and hopefully still growing. We just ordered her a back pack to wear with weights in when I walk her to help her bulk up and have a purpose while walking. I am excited! I also ordered her some salmon oil to put on her food and she just loves it. I just adore my dog and recommend you guys to everyone.

Thanks so much
Melissa West

Wed, 08/07/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

Just a note from a loving doberman owner. Maureen and I purchased a wonderful female from you folks on 9/12/00 that was whelped on 7/10/00 (sire Road Runner Von Kimbertal, Dam Kimbertal's Sassy Chelsea) and who's AKC registration was Cordial Royal (her call name was Corey). On 8/5/03 Corey whelped 9 magnificent puppies under your breeders program (sire Wiking Di Perlanera) which you folks purchased. I hope they all found a wonderful home! Sorry to say that Corey came down with a cancerous tumor on her spleen almost overnight. We had to put her down on 10/13/08. Corey was the most magnificent dog that everyone cherished! She even loved to go to the veterinarian. She will never be forgotten! My saving grace is Merlin (whelped on 8/27/02 sire Phoebus De La Cour Des Arums, Dam Koch's Isis) which we purchased form you folks. He is a super companion! Hope all is well with you folks.

Best Regards,

Tom B.

Wed, 08/07/2009

Hello to Everyone at Kimbertal,

We hope this note finds you all well and enjoying what seems to finally be the arrival of summer. Our little HARRY has just turned 14 months old and has been part of our family for almost ayear now. You can see by his latest photo he is growing up wonderfully. His coat just glistens and everyone remarks and his physique and gorgeous looks (all tributes to the Kimbertal Diet Plan that we still follow carefully).

His weight in on 6/22/09 put him at 121 lbs and he standing 29-1/2 inches: at this rate he will easily catch up to our beloved WILLIAM who as you know we lost suddenly last July (William was 30-1/2 inches and 140 lbs.) HARRY is fitting in very well with his Big Sister (our Boston Terrier Molly) and he even has a new Baby Brother (Basset Hound Murphy) who keeps him more than occupied when he gets bored. HARRY is our 3rd “Kimbertal-Boy” in 19 years (Lucifer & William preceded him) Your Dobermans have kept our lives filled with joy and kept our home ever so secure! Thank you, we will always rave about Kimbertal.

George & Lesly P.
Levittown, PA

Tue, 16/06/2009

Dear Kimbertal,

I have gotten both my wonderful babies indirectly from Kimbertal. A trainer got our male (Chesney Cole Estep) and female (Brandy Lace of Kimbertal) as adults from your facility. They are both gorgeous and I am stopped every where I go on how breathtaking they both are. Although, it's not smart for them to stop me when I have Brandy because she is my protective girl! Everyone is drawn to our boy because he is just such an incredible dog. Everyone tells me how different he is from any other dog they have ever met. I'm amazed at their temperament and how well they were bred. They have a high suspicion level, great features, amazing personalities, and great working and family dogs. I adore them and they are my daily therapy for life! I can't thank you enough for doing what you do to make sure these dogs come out so wonderfully. If I ever get any more Dobies, they will definitely come from Kimbertal


Ellen Angel