Customer Testimonials

Sat, 01/01/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

This is Saturn at 5 months old. My Dad and I picked her up at Kimbertal in June. We flew there from Oklahoma and DROVE all the back. It was worth the journey. She is such a cute, loving, and smart dog.
She likes to play with my brothers football even though he doesn't let her. She hates the cold so she gets to come inside and take naps a lot. Again she is so smart and funny. She is now 10 months old and 78 pounds!!! I will send you another picture and you can use any one for your website. THANKS!!!!


Katie B.

Sun, 26/12/2010

Hello Dear Anne, Tiffany and Everyone at Kimbertal;

Thought You might enjoy Ruger's latest Picture. Isn't his Ear Set wonderful? No, Not the Guy's, RUGERS! I think Your Veterinarian does and excelletn Job cropping Ears. They are not the extreeme "Antler-like' Ears that flop in the Breeze when the Dog jogs or runs. These are just right for the Dobie's Heads. We get so may Compliments that I almost feel guility for having such a pretty Boy...again....the DOG not the Guy! He is a Neighbor that came to visit with his Wife who took the Picture and surprised me with it in a Frame for Christmas.
Hope You All had a wonderful Christmas and that everything You wanted was in Your Stockings. If anyone wanted a muscle-bound, tanned, strapping young Man, well, hang a bigger Stocking next Year is my Advise, chuckle, chuckle.

Take care and stay Happy, Healthy and Safe. HUGE Hugs from Jutta and big Slobbers from Ruger.

Thu, 23/12/2010

Hi Kimbertal,

I've been meaning to write for a long time. I have 2 of your dobes. Jade is out of Elisir she is 6. Duke is out of Heron he'll be 5 in Jan. They are the best.. Duke is a 100 lb. clown. Jade is everything you would ever want in a dobe. I'm sending some pictures. We have rented a vacation home in the Outer Banks NC for 3 years now and the babies always come with us.

Thank you for breeding the best friends anyone will ever have,
Karen E.

P.S. Everywhere we take them people can't say enough about their looks and behavior.Of course I tell them where we got them.

Sat, 18/12/2010

Geetings and Woof-woof dear Anne, Tiffany and all at Kimbertal;

Hope tthat you are all enjoying a wonderful pre-Holiday Season. Do You have any Snow? If not, my Mom can send You plenty. I seem to enjoy the Snow more than she does. I think she's waiting for me to help with the shoveling. Between You and I...Good Luck with THAT! It is not a Dog's Job! My Job is to look goooood....oh, and to protect. I just dig in the Snow and tthrow it all about. I don't understand why Mom doesn't always seem to think that that's funny. I do!
Thought You all might enjoy seeing how I am growing up and that I am being fed properly. The encosed Pictrue was taken three Day's before my 6 Month Birthday, Dec. 16th. Woof-woof and lot's of Teats to me.
In the Background You can some of Mom's Christmas Decorations. That's what I was told they are called and for me to stay away from them. Don't understand that either because are theThings not here for me to sniff? Humans and their Rules!
Well, better get going before Mom catches me on her Computer. Besides, it's not easy typing with thoseg Paws of mine.
Hope You all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. Woof-Woof!

Ruger here in the Winter Wonderland of Michigan
Oh, better say Hello from Mom just in case she should see this e-mail.
And now.....some EyeCandy for You.......

Sat, 27/11/2010

Dear Kimbertal,

             I have read some of the hate reviews by so called owners of Kibmertal dogs. Some of them are not even dog owners, just a bunch of stupid noise. I have had Kimbertal dobes for 27 years. I would say I know a thing or two about Kimbertal. The first dobe did have growth problems and Kimbertal replaced him with another dobe. THEY NEVER EVEN WANTED THE FIRST DOBE SENT BACK. He actually pulled out of the problems and lived for 10 years. The third Dobe was my favorite; smart and not a mean bone in his body. I now have my fourth Dobe from Kimbertal, he is 11 1/2 years old. He still runs like a pup. I am about to buy another pup from Kimbertal. I want the 11 1/2 year old Dobe to raise him (they are good at that). Like I said, after 27 years I think I know a thing or two about Kimbertal; one heck of a lot mroe than the hate reviewers.



Sat, 20/11/2010

Dear Kimbertal and Tiffany,

Hope you remember us.   You spent some quality time with puppy 43A (now fondly known as Max) who we purchased in July.    Thought you might like to see some pictures.  You were right, Max is good in the car, and prefers to sit in the front passenger seat with his head out the window biting the air.    He is sweet, smart, and one of the funniest dogs we've ever owned.   We have kept true to the Kimbertal diet and he's getting his eggs, cottage cheese and chicken and rice kibble and canned food 2x's a day and eats an amazing amount.  You can see in the pictures how great his coat is.  He's about 26" at the withers, and around 75 pounds.  Not bad for a 7 month old.  

Here are some pictures from Halloween:
The video we did on ear taping when we visited was invaluable.  Several of the dog folks at the training facility we go to have commented on how good the tape job looks.  So I guess we're doing ok. 

Hope all is well.   Take care,

Tue, 16/11/2010

 Woof woof woof! Hello Ann, Tiffany and Everyone at Kimbertal;

With all the beautiful Puppies and big Dogs You have there, I wonder if You remember me? Today is my Birthday You know.....I am now Five Month old. My Mom here slobbered all over me (she calls it kissing) first Thing this Morning when she let me out of my Cage to go out and go Potty. I sleep all Night thorough now. I think the Sounds she made is called 'singing, (at leaast that's what she said) when she sang Happy Birthday to me.

Between You and me, she says she's just taking good Care of me but I know that I am being spoiled. And I like it so don't tell on me.

Yesterday we went for a Ride to the Vet's, (I love going for Rides in the Car with Mom). Nothing's wrong, they just like me there and fuss all over me everytime we go. So, sometimes Mom just takes me there to show me off and to get me weight. I think I am growing and everybody says so. I am weighing 58 Pounds now. Hope that's good and You don't think that I am being starved here.

As soon as Dad get's the Pictures in his Camera developed again, Mom will send You some. These old Folks here are just not good with this technical Stuff and Digital Cameras. I always try to help them, got my Nose into everything, but....Oh, what's a Dog to do?

Hope You have the same nice Weather there that we've been having here. I get to go through the Woodland Trails here with Mom on lot's of long Walks every Day. She's even bought me a Cammo Rain Coat (how mocho is THAT!) and a really nice, cozy looking Winter Coat so I stay warm and can still trott through the Snow with her. I am looking forward to this Thing Mom keeps telling me about...Snow. I will let You now if I appreciate it or not.

Well, better let You get back to all the beautiful Dobnerman and Rotties there. Give my Dad, Iran, some looong Scratches from my Mom. She keeps telling me what a great Job he and Nikki did to make me.

My Mom told me to make sure to tell You just how much she appreciates You all and loves Kimbertal. And she promised me that we will come back to visit there one Day. Between You and her Age, it won't be to far into the Future. Maybe next Year?

Sending You all happy wet Sloobers, Ruger in Michigan aka #51F

Fri, 12/11/2010
Hello to everyone at Kimbertal! 
My wife Jen and I wanted to send you all an update on Sadie May(R11E).  She has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family.  It has been such a great experience getting to know her thus far.  We look forward to many years of memories and joy with her.  Thank you all for everything and the opportunity you have gave us to own such a great breed!
Wed, 10/11/2010
To our friends at Kimbertal,
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of our fantastic boy Vincent, D89 QQ. He just turned 15 months old, what a great dog. He is a true friend never more than 3 feet from me, my shadow. As you can see he is just beautiful and has a great temperament. Thanks so much for the fantastic addition to our family.
Dave and Renee George
Wed, 03/11/2010

Good Wednesday Morning, Kimbertal's Ann and Tffany;

Ruger's  (#51F) Mom here. He had his Ears retaped and his Rabie Shot yesterday at my Vet's. The little Puppy You bred and were kind enough to let me take Home, weight in at 53 Pounds. That's FIFTY-THREE POUNDS - even! I hope that  am doing You Justice on how I care for that wonderful Puppy You entrusted me with. The vet says he's very well toned, in excellent Shape. I hope You agree.

Ruger and I are getting Compliments on his Looks wherever we go. Yesterday a Man came into the Vet's Office, stood back and took one long Look at Ruger. Then he told me, and I quote, 'Doberman are my favorite Breed but this is the best looking Doberman I have ever seen. And what a beautiful Head', end Quote. And he is not alone. i am not bragging or making this up but we are constantly told how beautiful and how nice and friendly Ruger is. Are we tired of the Compliments? Heck NO! We are sharing them with You as You deserve them much mote than we do...after all You have the Eye and the  Knowlledge it takes to breed the outstanding Dogs that You do. I am just the Caregiver to one of Your Offspring.

A Five Month old Rotti was also in the Offce. Cute...but couldn't come close to a Kimbertal Rottie...HONEST! I felt sorry for the Man because he missed out on one of Your Dogs.

Here is a Picture of Ruger between Ear tapings. It's about three Weeks old now. The Headless Guy holding his Leash is Berk, my Husband.

Sending all Of You long Slobbers from Ruger and HUGE Hugs from Jutta