Customer Testimonials

Fri, 06/05/2011

Hi Kimbertal,

Just a quick note to let you know that we love our Gunnar. He joined our family October 8, 2010. Gunnar now weighs 100 lbs and will be 10 months on May 27th. Gunnar is our third Kimbertal Doberman. Hans, black, was our heart and we missed him so much when he passed away at age 13 that a few months later determined we needed another loving companion, Gunnar. We thought we’d go for a different color this go round. Both Hans & Gunnar are tender, loving, full of life and energy, and are a wonderful addition to our family.

Attached are two pics, one of Hans & the other of Gunnar.

Mike & Rhonda G.

Sugar Land, TX

Thu, 14/04/2011


I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Max who just turned a year old this week. He's almost 100 lbs. and his chest is starting to drop. He's about 37" at the withers. It will be interesting to see how much growing he'll do. His coat is amazing and just gleams in the sun. Max loved winter, even with all the snow and he got a nice thick coat. Our other red dobbie had a much thinner coat, and hated going out in the cold. Not Max - he loves going and playing outside in the snow.

He is just a pleasure, and still the funniest dog we've ever owned. His personality is just a riot, and even strangers say what a character he is. He's a very trainable dog and is enjoying his weekly obedience classes.

As you can see, the tips of his ears continue to curl outward. Which totally adds to his comedic appearance. There is a vet nearby that specializes in doing dogs ears, and we have a visit with him scheduled to see what he suggests.

Hope all is well.


Wed, 06/04/2011

Hi Bob, Tiffany & Ann,

Just wanted to send a quick update. My family was there on 12/30/10 to pick out a new Doberman puppy after losing our beloved red Doberman Blitz in the summer. Blitz was also from Kimbertal and was a phenomenal dog! It was very emotional for me to come back there and pick a new pup for our family. I don't know if you remember us but we were the only people there that morning. Myself, my husband and our daughter and niece were with us. Actually the power went out for awhile while we were there if that helps you any. After much deliberation and having my heart set on another red dobe it was actually a rottweiler who caught my attention. I never gave much thought on getting a rottweiler but something about this pup felt like he was the one for us. He was tattoo R16M born on 10/23/10. We named him Moose and he will be 6 months old this month. We are enjoying him so much! From the moment we took him into our home he fit right in. He has such a great demeanor about him. Very affectionate and smart (stubborn at times) and he makes us laugh a lot. He has grown so fast he is about 60 pounds or more right now.

I just want to say thank you again for providing us with the chance for another great dog. I recommend your kennel time and again to people who have seen Blitz or are now seeing Moose and want to know where we got such beautiful dogs. Thank you for being patient with us that day. I will send a picture soon!


Melissa S.

Stamford, Ct.

Sat, 05/03/2011


Just wanted to send you some pictures of Valor (tattoo D37EE) as she turns one year old.

It was amazing to watch as she stormed past the borderline part of "borderline oversize" months ago.  She's 30" tall but very well proportioned and breathtakingly gorgeous.  She gets rave comments where ever we go; not that she's cute or pretty but beautiful.  We call her the Heidi Klum of Dobermans.

She is also terribly intelligent, solving dog treat puzzles in seconds, knows toys by name and is very quick learner.  She's shown some aptitude and interest in agility activities so we'll let her have a go at that.

We are thrilled with our "little" sweetheart.

Greg Miskin

Tue, 15/02/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

I thought you make like to see some pictures of Kamatz.
He was born Dec 26, 2009.
He is such a love.
Enjoy the pictures

Melissa W.

Mon, 07/02/2011
Dear Kimbertal,
I wanted to tell you that Bob and I are extremely happy with our 10 month old puppy, she is a wonderful pet and companion.  She has been through the AKC Puppy Star program and will soon go through the Canine Good Citizen program. Polli is over 85 lbs and is now over 27 inches far.  She is soooo smart!  She already has an extensive vocabulary, and obeys many, many commands.  She is the best "farm" dog I have ever had.
I was wondering if you happen to have a picture of the dam "Kimbertal's Chloe Johns", or if you have any info about her.  I would very much like to add a picture and/or info to Polli's notebook.
Thank you so much!
Carla M.
Wed, 02/02/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

Here is a photo of Nikki Lee just resting on a cold snow day. 1/21/11. She is doing very well. Of course, she is eating well, and 120 lbs. Hope everyone was happy with her puppies, they were the D51 litter.

Take care,


Fri, 28/01/2011

To the Yarnalls & Kibmertal Kennels,

Words cannot explain how I feel as I write to you this letter of appreciation with a heavy heart. On August 6, 1998 my father and I went to LAX to pick up my (our) bundle of joy, little did i realize the affect he would have on our lives. As we brought him home I was thinking of a name for him for you see, he was my dream dog. After a while, I decided on Lobo (Spanish for Wolf). I also noticed  a tattoo on him, T16, and I knew from that moment I had a very special rottweiler. From camping trips to the Kerm River in Cali, Newport Beach, Long Beach, and walks around the neighborhood, Lobos winderful temperament and sweetheart demeanor I can honestly say that it was I, my father, and my wife Olga who were blessed to have him in our lives. On Tuesday January 18, 2011 at 12:07 pm I had to put my friend to sleep. I said the Lord's Prayer and blewwed him with Holy Water as I held his head in my hands. I hope and pray that when it is my time to go he will be waiting for me with that tongue of his hanging out. To the Yarnalls and Kimbertal Kennels all I have to say is Thank you so much and God bless you.

Dan M.B. Jr., Olga B., and Dan M. B. Sr

Thu, 06/01/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

I am writing this letter to update you on my boy, Sarge (D20JJ). My husband, children, and I purchased Sarge from you in March 2010. He came running into our house and jumped right on our couch and I instantly knew he would have no problem fitting in. We have an 8 year old female dobie who wanted nothing to do with him but sure enough they are best buddies now! Sarge is 103 pounds of pure fun! He is the most lovable, sweet, handsome dobie I have ever seen! He comes everywhere with us and we never go without a compliment. It's very rare to see a doberman anymore, at least in my neighborhood, and when people see him they are in awe of him. He is without a doubt the most gentle giant I have ever met. My son, 7, and my daughter, 4, are his best buddies and there is not one night where he does not sprawl out with them in one of their beds! He may take up the whole bed, but they never mind! Sarge loves kids, in the summer he goes to every football and baseball game and there are always kids all over him. He wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you so much for my guy! He brings my family so much joy and laughter, the kind that is unexplainable to many. Knowing how other Kimbertal owners feel i thought I would share another one of your success stories. Attached are pictures, please feel free to share! Keep up the great work! We will be back one day!

Your Friends,
The McBride Family

Mon, 03/01/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

Hi this is Katie. Here are some more photos of Saturn. Will you please put them on the website?!

She is an amazing girl - smart, sweet, Very strong and playful, (she sounds like a horse when she runs) and LOVES her family (especially me!!) and life. Everyone that sees her comments on how amazingly beautiful she is and I love to tell the story of my dad and me driving her home to Oklahoma from your kennel. Thanks for breeding her and your amazing dogs!!!
I am 10 and one day she and I will go to college together!!!