Customer Testimonials

Sat, 25/06/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

Sending a picture of "Rocket" D72MM (Rockets Red Glare Von Kimbertal) at 4 months.
He is one wonderful little Dobie! will be sending more pictures in the future.



Sat, 25/06/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

I just wanted to send you a picture of 1 year old Ruger. I'll most definitely be stopping by soon to pick him up a little brother.

Thanks for everything,

Shane M

Thu, 23/06/2011

Woof-woof and Greetings, Dear Anne and Tiffany;

Aah, Life is good in Michigan. Had my 1st. Birthday Party at the Dog Park. Even got my very own Birthday Cake. Mom baked it from Ground Sirloin, Breadcrumbs, Egg, grated fresh Carrots and 1/2 an Apple. She even decorated it with a Ketchup/Flour Paste to look pretty for me. What a Mom! I am sending you a Picture of how she decorated the Fence at the Park. Even had my Name and Balloons on it so everyone would know who I was and not pass the Park by. As the Dogs and their People arrived I was busy handing out Homemade Dog Treats and a Toy to each of my Canine Guests. Mom and Dad dished out Ice Cream Cones and or Iced Tea to their Humans. Everybody had so much Fun but I had the most. Was so tuckered out that I went fast to sleep in the Car on the Way Home. Normally I watch all the other Cars and People along the Way. Mom's complaining because Dad only got to take a few Pictures. He was so busy opening and closing the Gate at the Park, making sure no Dog's got out. And my Mom...well, I think You have her Number, she was busy playing and petting all my furry Guests when I didn't occupy their Time.
Aah, as I wrote in the Beginning...Life has been good for me here in Northern Michigan and I can hardly wait to see what's still to come. But I am ready for it because, after all, You have bred an outstanding Doberman Pinscher Breed Representative in me. Everybody that comes in Contact with me praises me and tells me how friendly, sweet and gentle I am and how good I look. Hope my Head doesn't start to swell from all the Compliments. But I think Mom keeps me well grounded. She tells me that all those Compliments really belong to You, Kimbertal, so, I am happily passing them on. I have to or I won't get the Treat she promesd. Oh, the Pressure put on one Dog, But now, the Picture. Hope You are all doing well and staying happy, healthy and safe.

Very looooong slobbers from your Boy, Ruger, the Yearling

P.S. Mom says Hello and Thank You! She said You'de know for what. Hummm....could she mean me?

Tue, 24/05/2011

Good Tuesday Afternoon, Dear Anne, Tiffany and All at Kimbertal;

Everything is wonderful in Northern Michigan. Ruger graduated yesterday in Second Place from his Basic Obedience Training Class. He would have been First but we had two miss Part of two Classes and got Points deducted for that. My Legs have been bothering me and I couldn't work (walk) with him for the whole Hour that is required for the Class. As soon as we receive his Certificate I will send You a Copy. I am just the proudest Doggy Mom. Kimbertal Doberman ROCK!

Ruger is also the perfect Gentleman at the Dog Park. We have been going twice a Week. They have Benches there for us old Folks to take 'a load off' while our 'Kids' play , smile. the Park is down Town Manistee by the Beach, lot's of Sand so he get's a good Workout running and playing with other Dogs.

I am enclosing two Pictures taken at the Dog Park this past Sunday.
Hope You like the Way "Kimbertal's Ruger of Woodlandhouse' (that's his registered Name) is growing up. He is now just Weeks away (June 16th) from being One Year old. Can You believe it? Time passes, doesn't it?
Sending You HUMONGOUS Hugs and lot's of Gratitude for my wonderful Boy, always Your Friend and staunch Kimbertal Supporter, Jutta - Ruger sends exuberant Slobbers.

Fri, 20/05/2011

Good evening.

Well...I finally able to write to you to Thank you. It has taken me since losing Zen last August 8th, 2010 to muster up the ability to even look at your website. I am back East for the summer and just wanted to email you.

I purchased my Rottweiller from you in July 1999. He was born on June 2, 1999. His tattoo was L6.
I want to let you know he was amazing! He was loyal, loving, my confident, and my best friend. It wasnt till he and I moved cross country to Phoenix, AZ in 2004 that I realized what a connection he and I had. He had the softest eyes...I have never seen such a great looking Rottweiller as he. He was nice and big yet his features were not harsh..just gorgeous! I received compliments all the time!

I know there is a sterotype with Rottweillers and yes we were discriminated at times but wow...what a life altering journey my 11yr with him was. I never understood what people meant when they would say I am not sure if I could get another dog. Zen is irreplaceble. I miss him daily. Being a single girl...he gave me security. I was never its weird.

I have attached a picture just so you see...what amazing work you all have done and I hope continue to do in breeding.

He was like my child:) So thank you!



Mon, 16/05/2011

Hello to everyone at Kimbertal Kennels,

My name is Greg and I purchased our Rottweiler, Damien, from you about 2 years ago. I just wanted to say thank you, he is a gentle giant and great with everyone. He has brought us so much happiness and fun. I have attached a picture of Damien in this email

Thank you, Greg N.

Thu, 12/05/2011

Hello Mr. Yarnall, Anne & Tiffany,

Sending a couple of pictures of Baron. He was born July 5, 2009. His father is Eric Von Kimbertal. He is 30" at the shoulder and weighs 95 pounds.

He is truly a remarkable dog!


Tue, 10/05/2011

Hello my Friends at Kimbertal, Ruger (#51F) checking in.

Now that I am almost 11 Month old (May 16th.), I just want You to know that I am NOT the kind of Kid that forgets to write as it get's older. Woof-woof! Obedience trainig is going great. Heel, Sit, Stay are a Breeze for me as my Mom has been making me do that 'forever'. She says we still have to perfect the Down and Stay but I am willing to work with her.
For Mother's Day, I let her take me to the Dog Park here in Town near the Beach. At first I was so disappointed, no other Dogs for me to sniff. Big Bummer! But then..a big Husky-German Sheperd Mix arrived. Yippee! Well, he had the Nerve to growl for a Second or so before I ran off with him and showed him how Dobermans play. A little later arrived a Chocolate Lab with his 'Sister', Tinkerbell and Human Mom, Dad and Kid. Mom said Tinkerbell was a Dog too and to be nice to it but I thought it was some sort of weird looking Squirrel. I think I've seen it in my Backyard. Supposedly it's what Human's call 'a Yorkie'. She weigh\s Two Pounds. TWO POUNDS! A mere Snack for a Dog like me. But I did You and my Mom proud, I played real Gentleman-like with it. Still not sure that that was a Dog, woof-woof. Of course when I ran and played with the big Dogs, sometimes I leaped right over the Top of them to the Amazement of the Humans there.
All that running and sniffing and People loving on me really tired me out. Mom said it was the best Mother's Day she's ever had. Guess it took me to make her happy, huh? And I promise to keep doing just that. After all, I have it pretty good here. She loves on me, gives me Kisses, brushes me every Day and put's good smelling, organic Stuff on me to keep Flies, Fleas, Ticks and such off me. She also feeds me well, good, natural Food and ever now and then even a special Snack. yup, Life is good in Northern Michigan so don't be sad if I am not coming back...well, maybe just to visit but not to stay.
I am enclosing a Picture Dad took just before I was leaping up on the Fence to kiss my Mom who stood at the other Side. Can You tell how I have grown? I weigh 86 Pounds now, 'a substancial Doberman' as my Mom calls it. She also sends You HUGE Hugs and Love and told me to tell You to stay Happy, Healthy and Safe. Big Slobbers from one happy Ruger

Mon, 09/05/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

Was just browsing your website and wanted to drop a line to tell you how much love and happiness your dogs have brought to my family's life. I can't imagine my life without Jasper (black/rust) and Killian (red/rust). They've happily lived on Long Island with my family for 7 & 6 years respectively. Thank you for breeding such beautiful and well tempered puppies. They make me smile every single day.

Caity D.

Mon, 09/05/2011

Dear Kimbertal,

Happy Tulip Time from one of your boys!!!
Asher is 5 now happy and healthy and loving spring.

Patricia Denis and Asher