Customer Testimonials

Fri, 22/01/2016

This is Winston. He was glad to see Santa. He is the greatest dog in the world. We love him very much

Thu, 10/12/2015

To Anne and other Kimbertal staff, Angus and Fergus have now been an outstanding part of our family for a couple of months! This being said I wanted to chime in and give a show of gratitude to everyone at Kimbertal breeders who helped us. We came to know of you through a reliable referral source, and after just a few minutes on the phone with Anne knew that we would achieve new members to our family here. The customer service was bar none the best! The quality and temperament of our Dobes are exactly what was promised to us, and then some. They are both wonderful animals, with an undying energy to show love to each one of us. Angus(left photo- right) has already taken a strong leadership role in what would present him as the soldier in the yard. Whereas Fergus has become the soldier of the lap, but that is no criticism to his protective qualities….he’s no chump! LOL! Both have house broken great, and our Vet continues to praise how well behaved they are as siblings…..and of course just how beautifly they are growing with envy of there size. Needless to say we are in love with these guys! I’m 100% certain our paths will cross again as we are now hardcore sold on the Doberman breed, and what you provide is perfect. Thanks again so much from the H-P Family!!!

Tue, 01/12/2015

Hi Anne and Teresia,

Just wanted to let you know how happy with are with the puppy! She is absolutely gorgeous and extremely sweet. I included a couple photos for you to see. We named her Memphis. I also enclosed a photo of the male I bought from you about a year and one half ago. We named him Elvis. lol! Thank you again for all your help with my numerous questions. She is all you said she was and more. You guys are the best! I will stay in touch and give you progress reports from time to time. We are happy with all our dogs from you! Thanks again for all you do to breed the best possible Dobermans anyone could hope for, healthy, affectionate with sound temperaments! I am sending these photos with my other email account as my other one seems to end up in your spam folder. Let me know that you got these. All for now!

Fri, 25/09/2015

He is getting big Anne! He is a doll.

Fri, 11/09/2015

Hi Ann........ It has been a long while since I last contacted you but thought I would do so this morning. I'm sure with all the business clients you have you will not remember me but I purchased a male Doberman puppy from you nearly 3 years ago. His name is KIMBERTALS MR LAW N ORDER. We continually receive compliments on him for his majestic looks and loving personality. In fact, we had visitors here to the ranch this morning to look at our horses and once again we were complimented on what a beautiful Doberman we have. I was ask where we purchased him and I gladly gave them your name and referred them to your kennel. However, when I checked your website I see that you do not have any Doberman puppies listed for sale...and that concerns me. I certainly hope nothing has happened that will prevent myself and others from being able to obtain dogs from Kimbertal Kennels now or in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. Kimbertal is my "go to place" for well bred exceptional Dobermans...and I most definitely hope that will continue to be the case. Warmest regards

Sat, 29/08/2015

This is our beautiful 5 month old Kimbertal Rottie pup cooling off in the Chesapeake Bay. He is now 6 months and 103 pounds. He loves boating and sleeping!

Wed, 05/08/2015


We love Mitch. What a great intelligent dog. He is house broken already and has acclimated to our home already. He sleeps through the night and both him and my GSD Mr. Strait get along great. Both Deb and I are happy and Mitch has filled the void of my other GSD Wyatt who passed 4 weeks ago. I want to thank you and Kimbertal for producing great dogs. Feel free to share photos and email. I did away with my Facebook for security reasons. I will continue to send photos. Again Thank You

Joe And Deb

Fri, 03/04/2015

I’m Kim’s father. I followed the pup’s long journey via Chicago, guided her through the Manchester airport, and welcomed her and whatever-her-name-is-to-be to my home. First observation: United does a super job. Second: Having had dogs all of my life and all of hers, I guaran-damn-tee you, you will never ship a pup to a better home! Rest easy, and be prepared for lots of up-dates. Starting with the attached

Tue, 31/03/2015

Hello, folks. Just thought I send a picture of Jack at one year of age. He's doing very well and, as you can see, has grown and filled-out beautifully. Enjoy the pics!!! Zena

Sat, 14/02/2015

Dear Miss Anne and Kimbertalians,

a Very Happy Saturday to You all! Woof-woof-woof, Ruger here from Michigan......well, actually from Florida, but I'll explain later. Miss Anne, I hope You did not think that I have forgotten about You and hope You did not; forget me. Life and this last Year have been hectic to say the least. But I, being a Kimbertal Doberman, rose once to the Occasion and showed my People Pack that one can always count on us Dogs. But then they already knew that. For Humans, I think they're pretty smart. My People Dad decided a Change of Scenery was in Order so he got a Place in northern Florida for us to go to during the Winter Month. He says the warmer Weather helps his Breathing and Mom won't have to shovel Snow. I don't know why she says she misses having Snow here. I am for one do not! Remember when I wrote You about getting stuck in the big Snow Pile? Well, that won't happen to me here. And talk about getting my daily Exercise here. I have my very own personal "Dog Park," Two and a Half Acres of fenced in Dog Park. We have a great Neighbor who is back in Indiana most of the Time. He gives me the longest Scratches and pets me all the Time. He says that I am the best looking, and the nicest Doberman he has ever seen. He must not have know about Kimbertal but my Mom clued him in. That nice Man allows me to go and play in his Yard even when he is not there. Our Yard only has Fencing on two Sides now but Dad got the Fence delivered today and with a Helper will fence in the Rest come Monday. AND the Neighbor offered to put a Gate in the Fence between our two Properties so I can use both of our Yards at the same Time. Wow! How lucky can a Dog be? And let me tell You, I do get my Exercise, in the Morning AND in the Afternoon. I like to chase the Gopher Turtles but they are just no Fun at all...they are so slow and hardly move at all.. Don't they know that getting chased and running is good Exercise?. And FYI, just before I left Michigan in November, at my Vet's Check-up, I weight 99.2 Pounds! Yup, I am a big Boy, all Muscle, no Fat. Mom promised to get some good Pictures of me so I can share them with You soon. By the Way, I am going to have my fifth Birthday this coming June. Mom says she can't believe that it's been that long. Seems like yesterday she and Dad picked me up at Your Place. I also overheard that Mom is planning a Birthday Party for me back in Michigan But don't tell her that I know or she'll be sad that her Surprise is spoiled. Being here in Florida sure is Fun for me, my Sister Fe', the Kitty and my tiny Sister, Belle, the Ferret. Mom had said that she was leaving no one behind or in a Kennel, we were ALL going to Florida. And let me tell You what a Trip that was! It was he longest! The Ride from Kimbertal in Pennsylvania was nothing compared to this. I really didn't know what to think and thought we were never going to have a Home again. Thought I would never get to lay or sleep on a Couch or Chair again. But then, after several Stops at Night in strange Rooms they call Motels, we finally arrived here...and I love it! In April we will be headed back to Michigan and then it starts all over in the Fall. But now that I know the Drill I won't worry. Guess You can call me a seasoned Traveler, a Dog of the World as it were. Too much? Well, how about a Dog of many States? After my Mom's Experience with some not so nice People that gave her a lot of Grief and Stress, she now now has a Saying with my Picture hanging on the Wall that I would like to share it with You and everyone that has a Kimbertal Dog. Mom says all Human's need to heed these Words. "I.m suspicious of People who don't like Dogs.... But I totally trust a Dog when it doesn't like a Person." Since the Sun is shining here and there is no Snow what's a Dog to do but play Outdoors. So, I had better get to it. Woof,woof, Mom, Dad, come on let's go! Before I go I better tell You that Mom sends You ENORMOUS Hugs and Love. She wants You to know how grateful she is to Kimbertal and to You, Miss Anne, for enriching her Life with me. I think she loves me, woof! As always, stay Happy, Healthy and Safe. BIG Slobbers and Woof-woofs to You from me, Ruger