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Tue, 04/12/2018

Hi Lisa!!!

My name is Donato DiMola Jr and I purchased my Rottweiler named Roxy Von DiMola, akc#WSO8494306 on 9-15-04. The Sire was Kaiser Von Raven#WRO4424507 04-03 akc DNA#V262454. The Dam was Hill Top Queenie WP98393505 11-01. Breeder Levi L Stoltzfus. I had the pleasure of owning Roxy or shall I say Roxy owned me. She brought me 8 year's of joy and happiness before one day she rested her head on my chest, took her last breath and the good Lord called upon her. Although Roxy had some medical issues it destroyed my world and sent me in a serious state of depression in which I'm still under the care of my Doctor. Kimbertal kennels ( Lisa) warrantied the lose of Roxy with another Rottweiler puppy several months laters. I named her Nicky. She was full of life and love, always wanted attention. Although I was happy to have Nicky, I called Lisa and asked her if she would take Nicky back, and she did. The moral of the story is that I'll never get over Roxy and depression is a disease that I'm ashamed of for people, employers and at times co-workers exploit to humiliate a person to make themselves feel greater. Anyone's looking to purchase a pet, I can say from first hand experience, Kimbertal kennels and breeders are the BEST of the BEST. Lisa thank you for having been understanding with me when I gave Nicky back and for being a kind human being. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Roxy: " your always on my mind and forever in my hear" Happy holidays to you all.


Donato D. Jr.

Tue, 19/06/2018
Dear Miss Anne' Woof-woof to all You Dads, Two and Four Legged, at Kimbertal from me, Ruger. I am sending some big Slobbers and some looong Sniffs. I think You know who gets what. Hope that You all have the very best Father's Day ever! Had my 8th. Birthday yesterday. Mom and Dad treated me special because they said it was my special Day. I get to live a great Dog's Life with them. Right now we are back from Florida in our northern Michigan Home. And Boy do those Squirrels need chasing again! My not being here during the Winter makes them feisty and darn right daring. I actually had one come right up to me, I think it wanted to sniff me. Well, I will have none of that so, up the Tree I chased it. Life is good for me, be it here in northern Michigan or down in north/central Florida where I chase big Gopher Turtles back in to their own Yard. Mom says to leave them alone because they are protected, well, I don't hurt them just have to let them know who's the Boss in our Yard. Mom and Dad are awful busy right now because they are getting ready to move to our Place in Florida for good. They say that they are getting to old to take care of the big House and Property here in Michigan and that Life will be much easier for them in Florida. I am always trying to help and really don't understand why Mom says that I just get in the Way when I bring her Things to put in the packaging Boxes. Humans!! I have made Friends in Florida. A few Blocks from us is a House that has 5 (FIVE!) Doberman living there. Mom says they are so lucky to be able to have all those Dogs. I am kind of happy to be an only Child because I get ALL my Peoples Belly Rubs, Scratches and all the Doggy Treats and don't have to share. Well, I do have to share some of it with my little Sister, Fe', our House Cat. I also have three Aussie Dog Friends that come and visit when their Humans come from Indiana several Times during the Year. They have a Place next to ours. I have so much Fun running with them along our Fences. Mom says it's good Exercise for me. One of their Dogs is kind of bossy so Mom and his Owner don't let us play without the Fence between us because they don't want me to get hurt. ME, getting hurt? Between You an me, I could take that Aussie any Time I wanted too but I was taught good Manners and just ignore his daring, and actually funny, Snarls. Mom and Dad took me to Cedar Key one Day and I got to put my Paws into the Gulf of Mexico. It was exciting because I saw the biggest Bird ever. Mom said it was a Pelican. I wanted to make Friends but it flew off when I tried to greet it. Don't understand that either because everyone says that I am such a nice and friendly Doberman. Maybe the Pelican didn't get that Message. Also had an very exciting Christmas Eve last Year in Florida. My Mom thought it was Company at the Door and when Dad opened it….wow, there were two Armadillos on our Front Porch. Both, Mom and I had never seen them before and of course I tried my best scaring them away with my Bark. They didn't seem to care at all so Dad had to go out and move them off the Porch eventually. Armadillos, they just have no Respect for a Doberman! As You can tell, Life has been good for me. I get lot's of Exercise, Love and good Food. I can sleep any Place I want to, because as Mom tells People, It's my House too. I am so lucky that You let these Humans take me with them when they came to You almost eight Years ago now. You sure are a good Judge of Character....and Mom says that You really know Your Doberman breeding Business because she and Dad get so many Compliments from everyone that sees us. If I had not been brought up to be modest, my Head will be as big as an Elephants from all the Compliments about my good Looks. And yes, I know what an Elephants Head looks like because we have an Elephant Rescue about 25 Min. from our House there in Florida and Mom introduced me to one. She thinks I didn't hear her tell the Lady who owns the Place that Elephants are her favorite Animal in eh whole World so, please, don't tell he that I know or she would feel bad. I know she loves me so it's okay for Elephants to be her favorite Animals. I KNOW that one can never snuggle next to her like I can, ha, ha! Well, it's about Time for me to make my Rounds keeping all the Outside Critters in Check. I am sending You a Picture of my Dad and me, I am sprawled behind Dad on the Couch and he's the one closest to the Cake. Not to worry, he did share a Bite of it with me. Hope everyone at Kimbertal is doing as well as I am or even better. Mom says to send You HUGE Hugs and that she thinks of You often. How could she not with me in her Face all the Time! Take Care, stay Happy, Healthy and Safe. PLEASE give all the Kimbertal Canines looong Belly Rubs from my Mom and looong Sniffs from me, Ruger
Fri, 11/08/2017

I was unpacking boxes today and found this. This was our Kimbertal Rottweiler that we got in 2000.

Thanks, Mary J

Thu, 03/08/2017

Hello Ann and Theresa,

We just wanted to give you an update on Rosie (D94B). She had a heck of a long day with all the air travel to Fresno, Ca. Our family wanted you to know that we all love Rosie and think she is one of the prettiest Dobermans we have owned! She is lively, smart, and she has adjusted very well with her new environment.

We immediately started leash training and she responded excellently. She is a very quick learner and now knows what she can bite and what she can't. The house breaking is going great. So far, she is doing great. Her demeanor is great! She is confident and she is not afraid of new sounds and is well behaved in her kennel.

I thought our first night with Rosie might be filled with a lot of crying and howling, but she only cried and howled for 10 minutes then she fell asleep and slept through the night perfectly. What a blessing that was! We are so happy with her. Thank you for your help and answering our questions.

We pray that we have many, many years of great memories and health with Rosie.

Wed, 07/06/2017

good morning. this is j**** w**** . I am home alone so I can't ask my wife for the correct dates , but approximately 14 or 15 years ago we picked out a Doberman at your farm. "the wolfes mister chopper" . I can't tell you what a wonderful animal he was , truly everything that a Doberman is said to be. and even much ,much more. these past three or so years I have struggled daily , how could I ever get another Doberman.... and then how could I not...sorry, I just cant say more now. God bless

Sat, 06/05/2017

Thank you! Love this boy!!!!

Tue, 02/05/2017

Woof-woof Dear Miss Anne and all You Kimbertalians;

Finally, You must say by now. That's if You even remember me because it has been forever since I got to use the Computer. Much has happened since I last wrote You. In the Winter Month we have been deserting northern Michigan for sunny northern Florida. The whole Family piled in the Motor Home, Mom, Dad, cat sister Fe; and smallest Ferret Sister, Belle and of course Yours truly. Id did have Fun in Florida, Mom not so much. She said she missed the Snow and that it just didn't feel like Christmas without it. Since I dod get lot's of Presents I thought it was just fine and did not understand what she was complaining about. I got lot's of Rest, soaking up the Sunshine because there were hardly any Squirrels to chase. Everyone in Florida was very nice to me and kept giving me lot's of Pads and even Treats, only with Mom's Approval of course. I even got to visit a Adult Foster Care Home because, as the Lady said, she had never met a better behaved and sweeter Dog than me. That put those wet Drops I don't understand in my Mom's Eyes. Time went by fast and we had to start back to Michigan. But on the Way we stopped at my Human Brother (Mom's Son and only Human Child) and his Family's Home near Atlanta, Georgia. They all loved me there and gave me this huge Yard to run around in. I am enclosing a Picture of it. Also one of me lounging on Dad's Bed, hope You like them. Just in Case You might be wondering, I am being fed well here, I weighed 108 Pounds just before we left Florida. Dad says he knows that I gained Weight since. But, I am not fat, Mom sees to that. She likes me smooth and muscular, no unnecessary Bulges for me! Being back in Michigan Mom had some Health Issues and is using a Walker right now due to a bad Hip that needs replacing. I still get all the Exercise I can handle with my Dad and in our own big Backyard. Hope You are doing well and keep making many more People happy with Your beautiful, loving Doberman.

Sending You looong Kisses and BIG Woofs as well as HUGE Hugs and Love from my Mom, always Ruger

Sun, 09/04/2017

Hello from Atlanta where Luca (almost 15wks) has really great ear accomplishment! While it's not an easy task it's worth it (to both handler and pup!). He's weighing in over 40lbs and has an incredible personality, sweet spirit and extremely smart! We've managed all basic obedience and are starting Schutzhund this week. He's incredible and I'm looking forward to my next Kimbertal pup (female red) that we could plan to breed.


Sat, 07/01/2017

To everyone at Kimbertal:

Attached please find a picture of my wife and I with Kimbertal's T-Man's Duke of Memphis----"Duke". Whelped 7/27/2013 He is an absolutely wonderful animal. Obviously a beautiful dog, but also very intelligent, well behaved, responds quickly to training, is great around other dogs, and is wonderful with our 2 year old grandson. We are extremely happy with our Kimbertal Doberman and recommend the kennel every time we have the opportunity. Thanks so much for this wonderful member of our family.

Sun, 11/12/2016

Hi Anne,

Just wanted to let you know our Daisy turned one today! She has an exceptional temperament and a personality to match. She has become such a big part of our family. She is so great with our three year old son, they are inseparable. I couldn't ask for better. She is our third from Kimbertal and once again we are so very pleased, thank you again for another great dog.