Customer Testimonials

Wed, 07/06/2017

good morning. this is j**** w**** . I am home alone so I can't ask my wife for the correct dates , but approximately 14 or 15 years ago we picked out a Doberman at your farm. "the wolfes mister chopper" . I can't tell you what a wonderful animal he was , truly everything that a Doberman is said to be. and even much ,much more. these past three or so years I have struggled daily , how could I ever get another Doberman.... and then how could I not...sorry, I just cant say more now. God bless

Sat, 06/05/2017

Thank you! Love this boy!!!!

Tue, 02/05/2017

Woof-woof Dear Miss Anne and all You Kimbertalians;

Finally, You must say by now. That's if You even remember me because it has been forever since I got to use the Computer. Much has happened since I last wrote You. In the Winter Month we have been deserting northern Michigan for sunny northern Florida. The whole Family piled in the Motor Home, Mom, Dad, cat sister Fe; and smallest Ferret Sister, Belle and of course Yours truly. Id did have Fun in Florida, Mom not so much. She said she missed the Snow and that it just didn't feel like Christmas without it. Since I dod get lot's of Presents I thought it was just fine and did not understand what she was complaining about. I got lot's of Rest, soaking up the Sunshine because there were hardly any Squirrels to chase. Everyone in Florida was very nice to me and kept giving me lot's of Pads and even Treats, only with Mom's Approval of course. I even got to visit a Adult Foster Care Home because, as the Lady said, she had never met a better behaved and sweeter Dog than me. That put those wet Drops I don't understand in my Mom's Eyes. Time went by fast and we had to start back to Michigan. But on the Way we stopped at my Human Brother (Mom's Son and only Human Child) and his Family's Home near Atlanta, Georgia. They all loved me there and gave me this huge Yard to run around in. I am enclosing a Picture of it. Also one of me lounging on Dad's Bed, hope You like them. Just in Case You might be wondering, I am being fed well here, I weighed 108 Pounds just before we left Florida. Dad says he knows that I gained Weight since. But, I am not fat, Mom sees to that. She likes me smooth and muscular, no unnecessary Bulges for me! Being back in Michigan Mom had some Health Issues and is using a Walker right now due to a bad Hip that needs replacing. I still get all the Exercise I can handle with my Dad and in our own big Backyard. Hope You are doing well and keep making many more People happy with Your beautiful, loving Doberman.

Sending You looong Kisses and BIG Woofs as well as HUGE Hugs and Love from my Mom, always Ruger

Sun, 09/04/2017

Hello from Atlanta where Luca (almost 15wks) has really great ear accomplishment! While it's not an easy task it's worth it (to both handler and pup!). He's weighing in over 40lbs and has an incredible personality, sweet spirit and extremely smart! We've managed all basic obedience and are starting Schutzhund this week. He's incredible and I'm looking forward to my next Kimbertal pup (female red) that we could plan to breed.


Sat, 07/01/2017

To everyone at Kimbertal:

Attached please find a picture of my wife and I with Kimbertal's T-Man's Duke of Memphis----"Duke". Whelped 7/27/2013 He is an absolutely wonderful animal. Obviously a beautiful dog, but also very intelligent, well behaved, responds quickly to training, is great around other dogs, and is wonderful with our 2 year old grandson. We are extremely happy with our Kimbertal Doberman and recommend the kennel every time we have the opportunity. Thanks so much for this wonderful member of our family.

Sun, 11/12/2016

Hi Anne,

Just wanted to let you know our Daisy turned one today! She has an exceptional temperament and a personality to match. She has become such a big part of our family. She is so great with our three year old son, they are inseparable. I couldn't ask for better. She is our third from Kimbertal and once again we are so very pleased, thank you again for another great dog.



Sat, 15/10/2016

Our baby boy is no showing his age and already past 10. At this time (age) we are dealing with some arthritis bouts and had to have him put on some vet. meds to help him out. Other than the part about growing old he has lately become quite the talker especially when he wants to be petted. Still a very handsome fella. Grew up being the best dog we ever had. Well behaved and was easily trained. Thanks Kimbertal for a wonderful family member. -The Wilson's

Tue, 31/05/2016

We have own one of your beautiful boys for 11 years now. He came to us in Wichita KS with his pretty ears standing straight and covered in tape. He has been a beautiful part of our family and always will be. We had to let him go last night, he had an accident on the stairs that left him paralyzed. I just want to reach out and thank you for the exceptional detail to breeding that your kennels have been involved with he was a beautiful dog that will be the best most obedient boy I have had the pleasure to spend 11 years with. Your breeding practices are a large part of how much of our heart this guy stole. Thank you I will be in touch to adopt another of your incredible dogs as soon as my heart heals a bit.

Fri, 22/01/2016

This is Winston. He was glad to see Santa. He is the greatest dog in the world. We love him very much

Thu, 10/12/2015

To Anne and other Kimbertal staff, Angus and Fergus have now been an outstanding part of our family for a couple of months! This being said I wanted to chime in and give a show of gratitude to everyone at Kimbertal breeders who helped us. We came to know of you through a reliable referral source, and after just a few minutes on the phone with Anne knew that we would achieve new members to our family here. The customer service was bar none the best! The quality and temperament of our Dobes are exactly what was promised to us, and then some. They are both wonderful animals, with an undying energy to show love to each one of us. Angus(left photo- right) has already taken a strong leadership role in what would present him as the soldier in the yard. Whereas Fergus has become the soldier of the lap, but that is no criticism to his protective qualities….he’s no chump! LOL! Both have house broken great, and our Vet continues to praise how well behaved they are as siblings…..and of course just how beautifly they are growing with envy of there size. Needless to say we are in love with these guys! I’m 100% certain our paths will cross again as we are now hardcore sold on the Doberman breed, and what you provide is perfect. Thanks again so much from the H-P Family!!!