How to Post and Tape your new Doberman Pincher's Ears




  • Paper towels to clean ears.
  • Wooden Tongue depressor.
  • Tool to cut wood.
  • Round-­‐nosed scissors.
  • J&J ZONAS Porous Cloth Tape.
  • 4x Equate regular tampons, OR
    2x Tampax regular tampons.


  1. Make 1 post per ear, equal to length of ears + ½”. Equate: Join 2  applicator tubes over 1 plunger, tape securely; Tampax: Fully extend plunger & applicator, secure in position with tape. (Discard inner pads).
  2. Make double - thick tape lengths 1x 12”, 2x 8”, 4x 2½”.
  3. Make six single - thickness strips for each ear, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” long to fix tip to base.
  4. Make two more strips for each ear, 6” and 7” long to apply base upwards.


5. Insert Tampon Post firmly in rear pocket of dogs ear.
6. Pulling upwards on ear, stretch ear along length of Post and secure tip to Post with 1x 2½” strip tape.
7. Wrap ear around the applicator post.

8. Beginning at tip working downwards wrap smaller to larger tape strips overlapping each one by ¼” for support.
9. Reinforce base with 8” double tape strip & other 7” & 6” strips from base upwards.
10. Ensure strips fit snug but NOT tight; looser near the bottom.


11. Cut piece of Tongue Depressor to width of dogs head, and fix to middle of 12”double strip.
12. Fix this “bridge” between both ears to hold them upright and parallel.


13. Lock the bridge at ends with 2 ½” strips.
14. Cut out triangles from front of ear tape bases to release ear tendon pressure.
15. If scabs are present, or sores develop, expose them to air by cutting up sides of ear-­‐tapes and securing in position with three ½” strips.


16. To keep ear skin healthy change tapes every 3 days, and immediately they get wet, or infection might develop damaging the ear and making the puppy ill.
17. As puppy grows larger, increase length of ear - posts & width of wooden bridge - piece to fit.
18. Continue posting ears until female pup is 6 - 9 months old, or male pup is 9 - 12 months old.


Please download our Fact Sheet (PDF 2.4MB) for further reference.

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