Doberman Breeder Puppies



      Kimbertal observes the time-honored tradition of reserving its finest female pups as breeders to maintain the quality of its internationally recognized lines. These pups are selectively entered into the Kimbertal breeding program based on their outstanding conformation which meets or exceeds breed standards, as well as their stable temperaments, winning personalities, health and physical stamina.

     Under our no-cost breeding agreement, each pup is home-raised by a selected family and returned to be bred at the appropriate time to one of Kimbertal's champion studs. When the pups reach 7 weeks of age, the family delivers the litter to Kimbertal and the "mom" is theirs to keep, free and clear. This practice insures that every pup is properly socialized in a home environment from the time they are born until they are placed with their new families.

     Families who wish to participate in Kimbertal's reciprocal arrangement must live within 90 minutes of Kimbertal, pass a screening interview and agree to the breeding arrangement. Kimbertal provides the stud service, all veterinary care, some food supplies and any necessary medications. From time to time, conditions may allow some of these elite females to be available for $3500.

    Contact Kimbertal directly at (610)933-3600 or for additional information.

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